$10 Trillion Is Just A Starter On What Our Government Owes

Add unfunded liabilities and future obligations that our federal government has made and you’re looking at hundreds of trillions, but there’s hope. With our senate approving a “budget framework” this week, our elected officials may actually put a limit on their spending, next year.

Cut government spending across the board by 10 percent for five years and we’ll actually be getting somewhere.


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  1. When gov’t says “cut”, they mean reduce spending.
    Last nights news was bashing Trumps tax plan because it will cost One Trillion over ten years or something. But the trillions and trillions spent by the black jesus were never mentioned in 8 years.

  2. Soros and the Clintons are leftists who believe in nationalizing industry: lets just nationalize their assets and use them to pay down the debt.

    I’m sure that, as good collectivist, they’ll be happy to help support the common good.

  3. Conservative estimates (including “unfunded liabilities” – nationalization of debts incurred by States and Unions and Wall Street) hover around $220 Trillion.

    The totalitarians (socialists, &c.) are adding to this while waiting for the straw that will break the camel’s back (globally) to blame “Capitalism” in the meantime being fully cognizant of the fact that the blame is entirely theirs. But with their control of the Media, Academia, the Bureaucracy, and a good chunk of the Armed Forces they are supremely confident. The fact that most people will run around with their arms over their heads screaming and crying every time some clown peeps about the “Globaloney Warming” threat or Hollyweird continues to pile on lie over lie about “race” relations, bad cops, and morons and buffoons with super powers and greater intelligence than real people, gives them (with much justice) a lot of that confidence.

    I warrant that a great many people have no idea about the national debt, the inter-national debt, the difference between debt and budget deficit, and the interconnectedness of international banking and lending.

    But I have been wrong, before.

    izlamo delenda est …

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