10 Year-Old Irish Girl With Autism Sings Hallelujah

Bumped from one year ago- suggestion by joe6pak

Merry Christmas!

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30 Comments on 10 Year-Old Irish Girl With Autism Sings Hallelujah

  1. I hope the Irish Government takes care of these children, as much as they take of themselves, and the Irish “wanken bankers.”

  2. kids are the greatest, and the bible tells us so

    i am humbly reminded how f’d up i am in my thinking, i needed it, and i appreciate it

    beautiful young lady sent to us to teach humility

  3. My friend’s sister has autistic twins. Girl and boy. The girl has perfect pitch. I would play piano and she would come sit on the bench with me and sing note for note. She didn’t even need to know what she was singing. (I was just going thru chords) She would make up any lyrics that came to her head and the pitch would be dead on. Right on. Just a beat after I changed. She was about 5 at the time. Unforgettable.

  4. Awesome, she’s so gifted. When people say the word Hallelujah, they are praising the True and Living God – nothing and no one else.
    Atheists even slip up when they sing this song! Love it.
    Just wonder if the songwriter, Leonard Cohen knew how powerful this song is even with different lyrics. God is so good.

  5. This is so beautiful because that little girl really looks like she believes in what she is singing. And at 10 years old I’m thinking you are seeing her for who she really is. I hope someone remembers to play this again next year too.

  6. I hope that young lady is still excelling. Dealing with autism and getting the confidence to perform so well is beautiful. She made a lot of people proud there. Just 10 days to Christmas Eve! Just starting to get in the spirit.

  7. Whilst I will admit that I have no idea what this autism craze is all about, this is lovely. How did they get a bunch of ten year-olds to stand “mostly” still for six minutes??

  8. Very nice young lady with a terrific voice. Had me confused for a moment as I didn’t realize this was a copy from an entry from last year. I was reading through the comments and saw one from me and wondered what the hell!!! until I saw the date. Was also fun to watch 50 kids from about 6 to 12 and a few adults trying to stop them all from figeting at once.

  9. I never realized I made a comment on this last year.
    I truly enjoyed it. But there is a move afoot in Ireland, supported by big money from George Soros to support Planned Parenthood and introduce legal abortion to the Emerald Isle. Foreign money assured the passage of the same sex marriage referendum last year and the Irish now have an openly gay Prime Minister. These unfortunate, but beautiful children, won’t have a chance when the Nazis take over. It’s coming. It’s not my Ireland anymore.
    My heart is broken.
    Merry Christmas to all at IOTW.

  10. Thank you for posting this *sniff*

    It is so beautiful. I love the rewritten lyrics. Merry Christmas, Fur, and to all who read and post here.


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