10 Year-Old Opens First “Drag Club” For Kids

First of all, no, he did not open this club. One, or both, of his deranged parents did.

Second of all, why?

The Sun-

…he is the founder of the first ever drag club for kids – called the Haus of Amazing.

Desmond says he aims to bring young drag enthusiasts together and create a safe environment for them to express themselves.

And after dressing up in his mum’s high heels virtually from when he could walk, his parents say they decided to support him, after initially consulting a therapist.

His mum Wendylou likens it supporting an interest in sports – an “unconditional act of love” and a recognition of her son’s individuality.

But she is adamant that accepting her son’s sexuality doesn’t mean he is sexually active.

Born during New York Pride Week in 2007, Desmond says he is “a member of the Village People by default” who “came out of the closet when he was born”.


Why include the idiotic aside that he was born during “pride” week? I hate to invoke the great Norm MacDonald AGAIN, but this “comedy bit” is very pithy.


17 Comments on 10 Year-Old Opens First “Drag Club” For Kids

  1. The future articles about the parents bemoaning the fact he’s the vicitm of bullying are practically writing themselves.

  2. The parents should be in prison. The kid will have a short and very unhappy life. It will likely end in suicide before age 30.

  3. CHILD ABUSE — what’s next for the kid self-cutting as a way to harvest your spices and garnish for your new “creative cusine club?”

    Where are these parents going to stop in enabling life-destroying behavior?

  4. Hmmm … dad’s stretching the kid’s asshole and needs an out.
    Nobody can claim the kid isn’t fucked up in the head, so when it finally lets the facts be known, no one will believe it.

    They’re using the kid’s ass for extra storage.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. So, he was “born this way” during Pride Week.

    I guess if he was born during Black History Month that he would be wearing a daishiki and sporting an afro with a black power fist on the end?

    I’m thinking he was born in the middle of a Twilight Zone marathon.

    Child abuse. Plain and simple. Even odds that he’s been trying on his father’s panties since he was old enough to gargle out “stop, it hurts”.

    Yea, a ten year old knows who The Village People were. Like an infant dressed in a Black Flag onesie to virtue signal to other people about how cool your cd collection is.

    Excep now, you’ve made your son the CD.

  6. This makes me sad and angry at once. We already have too many messed up people in this country and now depravity is encouraged. Children do not know who they are due to lack of life experience. That is why they need guidance.

  7. In a sane world, these insane parents would have their kids taken away and they would end up in jail. Perhaps they will at least burn in hell in the next world.


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