100 Days 100 Nights Contest

Two Los Angeles gangs have reportedly started a contest to be the first to kill 100 people in 100 days. The area between Western and Normandie Avenues has been designated as the hunting ground.


There were multiple shootings and one murder in that part of L.A. last week.


The shooters aren’t picky, they’re going after women, children and known gang members.

20 Comments on 100 Days 100 Nights Contest

  1. And if the police move in to thwart this event…..

    Raciiiiiiist!!!! Police brutality!!!!! Black lives matter!!!!!

  2. That was my first thought, too, NC, something about a third “side” in this game. Do members of these two gangs wear distinctive colors or anything else easily recognizable, say, through a scope?

  3. I’m really glad they are giving the #blacklivesmatter crowd so much time to put together their rallies and marches through the streets of South Central L.A.

    I really look forward to all the lives that will be saved and violence turned away by the good efforts of the SJWs.

    Yep, any day now those activist are going to ride to the rescue with Rev. Al and Jesse leading the charge.

    (OK even I can’t sustain this level of cynicism about my fellow man)

  4. Good point, scalawag, but I can’t help but think that at one point Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Clarence Thomas, to name just a few, were young black males.

    But I guess any promising young black males wouldn’t be roaming around that part of LA these days…

  5. Well, it’s not a cakewalk, you have to get a permit! Plus side is each permit is good for two dozen.

  6. I bet Al Shit-eater Sharpton will be right there to calm everybody down. Send these bastards to far west Texas and see how much traction they can get. They can’t live beyond visual range of a McDonalds.

  7. I think this is misplaced anger at not knowing who their Daddy is….so they have decided to kill everyone, hoping they find the right one. When Al Sharp Shooter Sharpton gives a shit then I will. Maybe. Probably not.

    ps….I think there’s an ammo sale at the Circle K if anybody in the hood is reading this.

  8. Nobody (who wants to live) has any business south of Manchester ave. So most of the people they kill probably deserve it anyway. (sorry) lol

    Only time I would ever go south of Florence ave was to visit my grandmother’s grave. Or when we had the rare wrecker call in those areas for city vehicles.

  9. …..and if the police happen to shoot one of these animals……enter the anti-virus bashers……including several people who regularly comment on this site. Apparently, cops have to offer themselves as martyrs and are not allowed to defend themselves……..

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