January 6, 2016 MJA 14

Video Here See Ted’s plan to stop illegal immigration at FixOurBorder.com h/t C Steven Tucker

Robot Locust

January 6, 2016 Dr. Tar 11

Israeli scientists are excited that they’ve created a robot as small as a locust and able to jump like one as well.    Next their working on giving the thing the ability to glide in order to extend its jumping range and ability to steer [Read More]

NOKO says it just conducted a hydrogen bomb test

January 5, 2016 BFH 27

Seismologists reported a massive underground earthquake in North Korea, a suspicious earthquake. NOKO reports, proudly, that this was a hydrogen bomb test. South Korea just might want to back off their disdain for the American presence in their country. We just might be looking at [Read More]

Petraeus and other big name witnesses to testify to Benghazi Committee

January 5, 2016 MJA 17

SharylAttkisson: Petraeus testifies to the Benghazi Committee this Wednesday. The following day, Charlene Lamb, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Programs for Diplomatic Security testifies. State Department diplomats who worked in Libya said that Lamb repeatedly denied their security requests in the build-up to [Read More]

Bill’s not giving Hillary hair gel anymore, is he?

January 5, 2016 BFH 10

In this Chris Matthews clip it looks as if she’s wearing somebody’s hair gel. Huma’s? (BTW, Hillary’s New Year’s resolution, to ignore Trump, lasted less than 24 hours. Maybe it’s his hair gel.) ht/ willysgoatgruff

Bongino: The Year in Big Government

January 5, 2016 MJA 2

ConservativeReview: I really enjoy writing my “This Week in Big Government” columns at Conservative Review. Keeping you informed of serious stories involving the expanding power of government, which receive minimal mainstream-media coverage, in the midst of your extremely busy lives as parents and breadwinners, is [Read More]

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