2017: Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Military Casualties 18 to 1

(CNSNews.com) — There were 664 homicides in Chicago in 2017 and, for comparison, 37 casualties in the U.S. military in its myriad operations around the globe. That’s according to data from the Chicago Tribune and from the Department of Defense’s press office.

The Chicago deaths are for the period Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2017; the military deaths are from Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 22, 2017, which is the latest update on casualties by the DoD posted so far. (There may have been a few more military casualties in December.)

From the data available, it shows that Chicago suffered 17.9 times more homicides than the U.S. military worldwide — combat and non-combat related deaths — last year.

For Chicago, 664 homicides — murders by shooting or other means (not including suicides) — averages to 1.8 homicides every day of the year.  read more

5 Comments on 2017: Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Military Casualties 18 to 1

  1. Oh if only we had more gun laws here🤣

    Oh wait- we have them. And now that we are a sanctuary city and state I’m sure things will improve

    (I may have posted this before)

    I was trying to get to The Rainforest Cafe, it’s in the tourist area. A guy at a store told me to walk the LONG WAY, basically go straight and do a RIGHT ANGLE TURN to the right and walk even further. He said to follow the directions exactly.

    I thought it was too far to walk. Why not just complete the triangle and walk kitty-corner to the destination? So I found a Chicago City Police Officer and showed him my paper. He said gruffly, “Do what the guy said eh. Go straight on the main road and then turn right and keep walkin’.” Strongly eyeballs me like I’m a dang idiot.

    But why? It’s really too far, just cut across town right?

    “Buddy, you’ll never make it to the other side. This is Chicago. Stay on the main road in full view of everyone or take a taxi.”

    Is this really my country? Is this America? I can’t even walk on my own streets, in a city in my own country? I have to avoid a 3rd-World jungle filled with what? Cannibals, rapists, murderers? Is this the jungles of 1700s African Congo?

    –Yes. Yes it is, it’s Chi-Congo.

  3. .416 Rigby
    or if you would prefer
    .510 Whisper – a subsonic rifle cartridge for use in suppressed rifles, with the noise similar to that of a .22 short. It fires a .51-caliber bullet weighing 750 gr (49 g) at roughly 1,050 ft/s (320 m/s).

  4. If there were many military casualties, it would be another drum beaten DAILY, to denounce the President. (And despite great progress crushing ISIS there are not so many)

    So WHY oh why is RAHM not being burned in effigy in the streets of Chitcago?!


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