2017: The Year Statist Progressives Were Knocked Down

Leave it to a historian, like Victor David Hanson, to use the pivotal year of 1942 as a means to explain the significance of the events that unfolded in 2017.

In 1942, the fascist powers suffered tide-turning defeats around the world. In 2017 the left’s agenda was dealt a series of hammer blows that left their leadership down and out. It was a good year. More

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  1. Ummm … I don’t see Victor Davis Hanson’s name anywhere on that article. The byline is J.R. Dunn.

  2. writer has some decent points … a bit too early to tell
    curious that he/she doesn’t have a bio-line at the end of the article, which is the norm for AT

  3. It really doesn’t matter if VDH wrote the article because the turning tide in WWII is an excellent example of how rapidly events can change for the better. One of Churchill’s war cabinet members said that in looking back at the war in Europe and Britain, that it’s hard not to think that Allied victory was inevitable when it was actually anything but. Even with the Americans joining the fight, it took major errors by the Germans to help turn that tide. The German’s perfection of nuclear arms may have easily beat the American effort.

  4. Does this mean I may still hope to see the day Barky and Mooch are hanging from a gas station light post??
    True, the post would likely collapse under the full weight of Mooch, but it’ll suffice to try it.

  5. Beware the flip side of the coin – the fascists/socialists/communists were knocked down in 1942 but by 2017 they were t*h*i*s close to total victory. It took them 75 years THIS time, and the war isn’t won yet considering their stranglehold on education and the media.

  6. Phuzzy Logick — The writer says this: “With ideologies, anything less than total acceptance is complete failure, followed by inevitable collapse.”

    Like you, I thought about that and was alarmed that it could be applied to the Founders’ ideologies just as easily. Except there is one obstacle: The Left’s ideologies are built on lies and the liars cannot seem to keep their lying straight. The writer says that the Leftist dream is kept alive only through coercion and brutality, but I think, in a more civil society like that of the U.S., it is kept alive through deceit. And that is why we should worry about their stranglehold on education and the media. You are quite right to point that out. But once the truth is made known, the holograph of Leftism evaporates. It was never based on anything of substance.

  7. …and what I meant to say is: People can “believe” in the ideologies of Leftism as much as they want, but their belief — even as strong as it is — is not going to call into being the so-called benefits of those ideologies in the same way that the material benefits already exist for the Right, regardless of the Right’s “beliefs.” In other words, for example, God exists whether I believe He does or not. No amount of my waving people off from Him is going to change that. Yes, I think that’s a good analogy.


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