Message from the President

December 31, 2017 BFH 13

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and much faster than anyone thought possible! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 31, 2017

The Whole World Is Watching- Our President

December 31, 2017 Dr. Tar 16

As efforts to suppress the anti-regime protest ratchet up in Iran, President Donald Trump is making it clear that the people of America support the pro-freedom movement in the repressive Islamic state. Many are starting to declare that our current president has done more with [Read More]

Top Good News Stories of 2017 That You Might’ve Missed

December 31, 2017 BFH 3

Chuck Norris for WND -There were roughly 135,000 children adopted in the U.S, according to the Adoption Network. Many of those were abandoned and abused. -The U.S. veteran homeless rate declined by 47 percent in the last seven years. -Israel solved the world drought problem. It [Read More]

Trump Really Is Draining The Swamp

December 31, 2017 MJA 5

Daily Caller: President Donald Trump is significantly decreasing the size of the federal bureaucracy, a campaign promise he often referred to as “draining the swamp.” The administration downsized permanent staff at all cabinet-level departments by the end of Sept. 2017, except for at Homeland Security, [Read More]

Vandals Destroy $60,000 Worth of Bees

December 31, 2017 Dr. Tar 17

It was Thursday that Justin Englehardt, owner of Wild Hill Honey in Sioux City, Iowa went to check on his bees. That’s when he found all the hives destroyed and his buildings damaged, wiping out his business. This being a time of giving, a Go Fund Me [Read More]

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