Why should the census care if you’re a homosexual?

March 29, 2017 BFH 2

Trump administration nixes sexual orientation questions on 2020 Census. The Trump administration canceled plans to probe Americans for their sexual orientation in the 2020 Census, nixing efforts by congressional Democrats who’d wanted a better picture of the country’s increasingly complex family and sexual dynamics. Gay-rights [Read More]


March 28, 2017 MJA 11

Milo: Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has asked all staff at the organization to submit resignation letters amid efforts to overhaul the party, reports NBC News. The outlet states that the DNC – “which has been stung by recent crises” – will have an [Read More]

Obama Administration Official Confirms Obama Spied On Trump

March 28, 2017 BFH 22

TCT- This is stunningly interesting and hopefully will be picked up by MSM and congressional investigators. Sometimes when a person is deep inside an echo-chamber of like-minded ideologues, they  might not realize what they’re saying is rather revealing to those on the outside. That’s the [Read More]

Muslim Brotherhood terror designation is “delayed”

March 28, 2017 MJA 9

PamelaGeller:  This is a reflection of the influence the Obama holdovers and RINO trimmers plaguing the Trump administration. The thinking is that “the movement may well be tied to such bona fide terrorist groups as Hamas, its more legitimate political activities would complicate the terrorist [Read More]

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