Updates on the NFL mess

September 30, 2017 MJA 43

Looking exactly like the bunch of surly, sullen, spoiled babies they are, during Thursday night’s NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, the players might have all chosen to be muscle-bound pouters while locking arms, but… BUT!… those very same surly, [Read More]

The final nail to close Kaepernick’s hopes of returning to the NFL

September 30, 2017 MJA 26

Colin Kaepernick Donates Money To Charity Honoring Convicted Cop Killer. Colin Kaepernick’s $25,000 donation to a charitable group honoring a convicted cop killer has been revealed. Kaepernick’s foundation made the donation to Chicago-based Assata’s Daughter’s, named after former Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur, in [Read More]

Thank God, I’m 13% Victim!!!!!

September 29, 2017 BFH 37

South Park goes after the left once again, hits them right where it should hurt – but it won’t. They are shameless and stupid, a bad combination. HT/ Art of the Zeal

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