Halloween As An Opportunity To Dismantle White Supremacy

October 31, 2017 Dr. Tar 24

Warning: The following is not parody, it comes from Raising Race Conscious Children Three Things We Believe This Halloween White parents who want to dismantle White supremacy have a special burden to check their entitlement on Halloween—and make sure that their children’s costume choices are not [Read More]

Scientists to study Vegas shooter’s brain

October 31, 2017 MJA 15

KFI: The brain of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock will be sent to Stanford University for a months-long examination, after a visual inspection during an autopsy found no abnormalities. Doctors will examine the brain tissue to see if it had any neurological problems. It’s scheduled [Read More]

It would be hard to find a more libelous political ad

October 31, 2017 BFH 36

Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump promise the American dream, but can only deliver an American nightmare. No more. Vote @RalphNortham. #GameOnVA pic.twitter.com/mwpWXM47HZ — Latino Victory (@latinovictoryus) October 30, 2017 ht/ shazzam

The Economist Writes That U.S. ‘Soldier Worship is Problematic’

October 31, 2017 MJA 17

The Lid: If there is anything worse than a liberal magazine commenting on American culture, it’s a liberal British magazine doing the same.  The Economist published a piece called America’s love affair with uniformed men is problematic that suggests that American soldiers are not patriotic. It also blasts people who [Read More]

Day 5: Latest in the Kate Steinle murder trial

October 31, 2017 MJA 5

KFI: SF Chronicle reporter Vivian Ho joined us this afternoon with the latest news from the Kate Steinle murder trial. During the fifth day of trial, Assistant District Attorney Diana Garcia introduced evidence that the bullet that killed Steinle ricocheted off the concrete before striking [Read More]

States Are Cracking Down on Fake Service Dogs

October 31, 2017 BFH 23

I’ve seen”service dogs” that look like they need service dogs.   (NEWSER) – “Today, any pet owner can go online and buy a vest for a dog to pass it off as a service animal to gain access to restaurants, hotels and places of business.” That’s [Read More]

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