All Aboard Air F*** One

November 20, 2017 BFH 29

ZH- In a stunning revelation that could leave an indelible stain on the Clintons’ political legacy and possibly quash Hillary Clinton’s dreams of running for president again in 2020, the Daily Mail is reporting that four women have shared their accounts of being sexually assaulted by Clinton [Read More]

Another socialist monster thrown out

November 20, 2017 BFH 18

American Thinker;  Zimbabwe’s hideous 93-year-old dictator, Robert Mugabe, was given until noon Monday by his former security chief to pack his bags or leave the Ceaucescu way.   If Mugabe refused to go, “We will bring back the crowds and they will do their business,” Mutsvangwa told [Read More]

Sonic attack in Cuba’s political prisons?

November 20, 2017 BFH 5

American Thinker: Armando Valladares saw it all in Cuba’s political prisons.  He wrote about it in “Against All Hope,” an international bestseller that should be required reading in any freshman class. Reinaldo Arenas wrote his story in “Before Night Falls: A Memoir.” In both cases, [Read More]

The Day God Missed

November 20, 2017 BFH 32

I was told this wasn’t possible. But here’s the proof. This is so perfect. In the. In the midst of yet another #Clinton lie, the set falls on them. — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 20, 2017

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