How Churches Die

November 1, 2017 BFH 23

“George Washington was one of the founding members of Christ Church in Alexandria, buying pew No. 5 when the church first opened in 1773, and attending for more than two decades…   “…the church’s leadership said the twin memorials [to George Washington and Robert E. Lee]  which are [Read More]

Shhh! Let them keep digging that hole

November 1, 2017 MJA 13

Because it’s rude to interrupt. NTK: WaPo: Top 4 Dumbest Ways Democrats Are Blowing the 2018 Midterms. The indictment of the Democratic Party in the Washington Post comes from a surprising source: liberal columnist Dana Milbank. Democrats are blowing a once-in-a-decade opportunity to beat back [Read More]

LEAKED EMAIL: White Men Need Not Apply to the DNC

November 1, 2017 MJA 15

  NTK: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) continually touts its inclusivity, but a leaked email revealed that doesn’t appear to extend to white men. The Daily Wire obtained an email sent by DNC’s Data Service Manager Madeleine Leader, which listed several openings at the DNC. In [Read More]

0bama won’t let you pull the plug on 0bamaCare

November 1, 2017 MJA 21

NTK: ‘Cheaper Than a Lot of Cell Phone Plans’: Obama Goes to Bat for ObamaCare in ’17. Ex-President Barack Obama is back in the news on Wednesday after he cut a video for the group Get America Covered, promoting open enrollment for ObamaCare plans. The [Read More]

Plan to Split California into Three States

November 1, 2017 Claudia 28

… May be on Next Ballot Legal Insurrection – My home state of California remains the entertainment capital of the nation! It used to be our movie industry that captured the imagination of our fellow Americans. Now, our politics are what amazes. This week, a [Read More]

This Is How The News Gets Faked

November 1, 2017 Dr. Tar 9

Left with no link to the Trump Administration, CNN was forced this week to go to anonymous sources within Fox News to try to create the appearance that their rival network is understating the importance of the Manafort indictment. This serves two purposes for CNN. [Read More]

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