Cook County Jail in Chicago is out of control

November 1, 2017 MJA 36

American Thinker: The forces of law and order no longer control the streets of Chicago.  Heck, they can’t even control inmates in the jail.  Civil order is collapsing.  We learn that once incarcerated, the inmates are controlling the Cook County Jail and engaging in mass behavior so vile [Read More]

Illegal Alien Voting

November 1, 2017 BFH 11

State Department investigation provides insight on Democrats’ imported electorate.   FrontPage: President Donald Trump estimated that three to five million illegals had caused him to lose the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton carried by 2.8 million votes. Trump duly launched a commission on voter fraud headed by [Read More]

Vehicular Jihad Comes To Manhattan

November 1, 2017 BFH 15

But don’t be concerned: Governor Cuomo says there is no “ongoing threat.”    FrontPage: In lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon, a Muslim named ,Sayfullo Saipov, screaming “Allah akbar,” drove a rented truck along a bicycle path, killing at least eight people and injuring numerous others. [Read More]

Is Mueller running scared?

November 1, 2017 MJA 10

American Thinker: Monday was quite the news day.  Mueller indicted Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, a Manafort business partner, and George Papadopoulos.  The latter two men are completely unknown to most Americans, very minor characters in this bit of political theater, akin to the fairy servants of A Midsummer NIght’s Dream.  After [Read More]

Soft-Boiled Clitoris

November 1, 2017 BFH 30

A 17 year-old girl says Dustin Hoffman sexually abused her, both physically and verbally, while working on the set of Death of a Salesman. Actors are arrogant, self-important, power high $hitheads.  They are exposed 24/7 to people laughing at every stale joke, every stupid utterance, [Read More]

ESPN Lost 480,000 Subscribers in October

November 1, 2017 BFH 17

Breitbart:There are a variety of ways, in which businesses judge whether they’re having a successful business day. However, if you’re losing over 15,000 customers a day, that is generally frowned upon. No doubt, there are many frowns being worn on the faces of ESPN executives [Read More]

A Chuck Schumer “Beauty”

November 1, 2017 Dr. Tar 24

In referring to the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” used by Uzbek native, Sayfullo Saipov, to enter this country, President Trump labeled the Halloween truck terrorist a “Chuck Schumer Beauty.” The program, championed by now Senator Schumer (D-NY) when he was in the House, allows upwards of 50,000 immigrants [Read More]

Jeff Flake Rushes To Chuck Schumer’s Defense

November 1, 2017 MJA 22

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake rushed to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s defense Wednesday after President Donald Trump blasted Schumer over his stance on immigration. Trump slammed Schumer early Wednesday for his role in launching a program that reportedly allowed an extremist onto American soil. [Read More]

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