Why Bother With NAFTA?

April 21, 2018 Dr. Tar 1

In a desperate attempt to keep The United States in NAFTA, Canada and Mexico have proposed that we impose a tax on vehicles imported from our two trade partners, i.e. a tariff on trade. More

Gingrich Nails Comey

April 21, 2018 Dr. Tar 4

In what will prove to be the definitive take on former Director of the FBI, James Comey, former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich labels the fired law man, “Almost a Pathological Liar” on Fox and Friends yesterday. Watch

Feminist Says Transgender Ideology is Incoherent Intimidation

April 21, 2018 MJA 8

BREITBART: Pro-transgender advocacy is a tornado of incoherent claims and political intimidation, says a far-left feminist author who volunteered to write a review of a new book about the transgender ideology. “Whether or not it was the author’s intention, Trans* feels like an attempt at an outline [Read More]

Whiners aren’t winners, JEB!

April 21, 2018 MJA 8

JEB! Should start off each day reminding himself he will never be president and that he should accept it.   Breitbart: Wednesday at Elmhurst College in Oak Brook, IL, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) called on voters to stop rewarding politicians who used derogatory characterizations “to [Read More]

‘Fearless Bull’ moved closer to the NYSE

April 21, 2018 MJA 10

BREITBART: The “Charging Bull” creator protested the introduction of “Fearless Girl,” which he claimed distorted the meaning of his piece. “Fearless Girl” by Kristen Visbal was installed across from Wall Street’s bronze “Charging Bull” for International Women’s Day in March 2017. It was originally commissioned by [Read More]

Guess the Reader

April 21, 2018 BFH 27

Our last reader was… I have no idea.(I still don’t know what happened.) This next reader is….

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