Report: McCabe being investigated for delaying Clinton email probe

January 31, 2018 MJA 8

IJR-  After he apparently postponed looking into emails found on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) laptop, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe came under a Justice Department investigation seeking to uncover whether he or other FBI officials attempted to push reviewing the emails until after the election between President [Read More]

Did a Clinton Henchman Originate the Trump Dossier?

January 31, 2018 MJA 5

FPM: The Steele dossier was Clinton opposition research produced by Fusion GPS and laundered through an ex-British intel figure to the FBI. Fusion GPS stonewalled before finally admitting that it had been hired by the Clinton campaign (which did its own stonewalling). This second dossier wasn’t [Read More]

Come to Sunny Cuba, Leave With a Mysterious Illness

January 31, 2018 MJA 13

FPM: Could this finally be the unified field theory that explains Michael Moore? Come to think of it, Sean Penn spent time in Cuba. Cognitive difficulties are part of the packaged tour as the attacks that caused mysterious symptoms in American diplomats have spread to [Read More]

Hillary faces another inner circle defection

January 31, 2018 MJA 11

American Thinker; Now that there is no prospect of her ever gaining a political office useful for punishing her enemies, Hillary Clinton’s inner circle of advisors and aides are starting to understand that they free to speak their minds. An arrogant, presumptuous, and imperious individual [Read More]

Update – FACT! Trump said memo is to be released – 100%

January 31, 2018 BFH 15

CLIP: As President Trump exits the House Chamber, @RepJeffDuncan asks him to #ReleaseTheMemo. #SOTU #SOTU2018 — CSPAN (@cspan) January 31, 2018 Daily Caller- President Trump will “100 percent” release the controversial FISA memo, according to comments heard directly after the State of the Union. [Read More]

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