No Metal in the MRI Room!

January 30, 2018 BFH 26

Horrible freak accident. Newser- A freak accident involving an MRI machine killed a man in a hospital in Mumbai, India. The details are harrowing: Rajesh Maru, 32, had been in the MRI room with a female relative who was preparing to undergo a scan, reports News18. The [Read More]

Marx’s Proofreader has something to say

January 30, 2018 MJA 0

  Diogenes’ Middle Finger: And Bernie Makes Four… As the Democrats continue to retreat into their make-believe world of Russian conspiracy theories, race-baiting, gender politics and betting the farm that voters will turn out for a party that is on the record as more concerned [Read More]

What It Was Like Weighing 350 Pounds

January 30, 2018 MJA 8

Return of Kings:  It’s a no brainer that being obese versus being physically fit and attractive is a no-contest comparison. Speaking from experience on both sides, it’s one thing to hear it and it’s another thing to step out of one world and into another. [Read More]

Stop Calling Them Sanctuary Cities- Aiding and Abetting Criminals is NOT Holy!

January 29, 2018 MJA 9

The Lid: Remember when words mattered?  You know what I am talking about! When words had a meaning before they are artificially softened. The days before taxes were called revenue enhancements, before government spending of our hard-earned money was called investments, or when there were terrorists instead of militants. Back then words mattered. Sure, at times [Read More]

What is Chris Christie up to?

January 29, 2018 MJA 14

If you said, “300 pounds” you’d be correct. If you said, “he’s becoming an occasional talking head at ABC,” you’d also be correct.  Story here.

Canada: Real Asians mass protest hijab hoax

January 29, 2018 MJA 3

Geller Report: You have to love real Asians protesting media-designated “Asians” (Muslims), their hoax jihad, and their stooge. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s one protester told the Toronto Sun that he condemns Trudeau for not defending Asian Canadians when the Muslim girl’s report was found to be [Read More]

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