Dennis Miller – Start Impeachment Against Trump Now

April 16, 2018 BFH 26

Miller wants the left, Rinos and #NeverTrumpers to put up or shut up. Impeachment would go nowhere, and everyone knows it. It’s just a constant distraction. METHINKS… Take Trump Down or Pipe Down, Start Impeachment Proceedings Now. Try reading it without having Dennis Miller’s voice [Read More]

Bear mace waterboarding challenge

April 16, 2018 MJA 13

You heard me. Bear mace waterboarding challenge. Bear Mace Water boarding Challenge for veteran suicide awareness challenge performed by my kids as revenge for the ALS nomination. [h/t Bad_Brad for the site link]

Top you off, hun?

April 16, 2018 MJA 21

Daily Caller: The Robots are coming and they’re here to take your coffee order. Three college friends with a passion for caffeine and robots decided to open up their own coffee shop where the coffee is warm, but the baristas are not. Instead, a robotic [Read More]

RIP Harry Anderson

April 16, 2018 BFH 29

Here’s Harry emceeing a comedy night at Gotham in 2017. He tells the story of a controversial SNL hosting gig he had in the 80s. Anderson has a bit of a potty mouth. (lol) HT/ molon labe

Austin Is Going To Blockchain the Homeless

April 16, 2018 Dr. Tar 13

We’ve scratched the surface here on some of the creative ways cities and organizations are using the cryptocurrency verification system of blockchain. Now Austin, TX has a $5 million grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropies to create a permanent and accessible record of the homeless for all [Read More]

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