2020 RUMBLE: Joe Biden says he can take Howard Dean ‘physically’

American Mirror: The Democrats are ready to rumble — with each other.

In what could be a preview of the 2020 primary race for the Democratic nomination for president, Joe Biden talked trash when asked about Howard Dean.

Appearing on PBS News Hour, the former vice president was asked about running in 2020.

“Is age a factor? You would be 78…” the apparent agist Judy Woodruff asked Biden.

“Sure … It’s a totally legitimate factor,” he responded.

“Howard Dean said this morning that the old people need to, quote, get the hell out of the way,” she said.

“Well, tell Howard I can take him physically, okay?” Biden said.

He encouraged people to see “Darkest Hour,” a new movie about Winston Churchill, as proof that he can serve as an elderly president.

Biden isn’t the only old fogey considering another run.

Bernie Sanders would be 79 on Election Day, while Hillary Clinton would be 73.  Watch

18 Comments on 2020 RUMBLE: Joe Biden says he can take Howard Dean ‘physically’

  1. I’d fuck him till he loved me!

    Isn’t that what Medvedev said? Or was it Putin? Or maybe that other Kraut ……… Mikhail Moore?

  2. I’d pay to watch them duke it out. I suspect Howard Dean would turn his back after getting punched once. He’s a sissy.

  3. That’s a fight that I’d like to see. Dean has his rebel yell, and Joey Choo Choo has a history of groping small soft women against their will. It’ll probably look like a drunk lesbian hobo fight.

  4. Time for whoever photoshopped the kitten in dean’s angry hand to replace it with uncle joe’s neck

  5. I’m not as old as Joe but screw that fighting stuff.
    When you’re old, even if you win,,, you lose.
    God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.

  6. This is what America has to “look forward tO”: The young Turk, who’s upcoming birthday will be the big seven-oh, saying the “old people” need to get out of the way.

  7. Joe Biden is such a big, tough man.

    I would have guessed that he could have also taken Dean orally or rectally.

  8. Well, he has been practicing his “holds” on all those little girls and them womens for a number of years.

  9. In the Blue leftist Democrap corner weighing, 170 Lbs of rancid bullshit is Crazy Joe Biden and in the Red Marxist idiot corner weighing 150 Lbs of putrid commie cow manure is blowhard Howie Dean! Organize your dirty, underhanded and sneaky tricks and come out fighting boys!

  10. Just like squeezing toothpaste of of the tube, you can’t put it back. With Biden once the fecal matter is out you can’t put it back. And to think this man was once a VP. Obama just spread fecal matter every where in the world.


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