3 Media Myths About the Iran Protests

Front Page: When Obama crawled into bed with Iran, so did the media. Defending the legacy of the Iran Deal has become one of the media’s projects. And so the media was caught completely unprepared by the massive protests in Iran. Instead of covering the protests, the media instead initially produced rewritten spin from the Iranian regime.

Even now that actual coverage of the protests is underway, here are three myths to look out for.

1. The protests are about internal corruption

The protests in Iran are about corruption in the same way that they were in the USSR. They’re anti-government protests in a state where political power is inherently Islamist. And therefore so is the corruption. And they often carry an anti-Islamist tone because that is the nature of power in Iran. All abuses in an Islamic state converge on Islam.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has consolidated political and economic power into a variety of military-religious institutions that maintain that power through political terror. That’s what we’re seeing from the Iranian regime. And from the protesters against it.

It’s why the symbol of the current protests has become a woman who took off her hijab.

The media’s denial that there is an ideological component to the protests has been repeatedly proven false. But it neatly fits the regime’s narrative.

2. Iranian protesters don’t want our support

What this myth really means is that those who don’t want us to support protesters in Iran claim that by supporting them, we’re really undermining them. Somehow that same logic didn’t figure into their own support for Islamists in Syria, Egypt and across the region. Or for that matter, the regime in Iran.  read more

8 Comments on 3 Media Myths About the Iran Protests

  1. If the Media stays on the sideline, then they are beyond lost
    and somehow brainwashed.How else can you describe a Media that loved bringing us feel good stories, now being Evil enough to be silent while freedom seeking Iranians are Beheaded ?
    They don’t even want to come here, C’mon Media !

  2. The Media isn’t the only one sitting this out. Actual fascists to fight in the streets, and where the hell is antifa? Whole lotta dogs not barking.

  3. Can you believe he gets anything accomplished when he is busy living in the MSMs heads 24/7???? The guy (our president) is pretty amazing!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. So the media thinks they don’t need to engage in the job media traditionally does.

    I’m not surprised. They have abdicated their professional credentials long ago. They are taking lead from Obama.

  5. Obama had to lie and steal for
    the Mullahs and Trump is knocking
    it down just by speaking the truth
    to the world while Obama was silent in 2009.
    Most Iranians weren’t born when
    the Mullahs took over and they see
    their freedom waiting if they
    just stand up and take it.
    Heady stuff for slaves of despots.


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