Democrats Officially Welcoming Felons, Illegals and MS13 – lol

PHOTOS=> Sanctuary State Signs Pop Up on California Highways for the New Year: “Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome!”

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  1. That also is a prime hunting area for federal law enforcement! It’s about as smart as putting the water and not expecting sharks! What does that do to the rights of citizens who are not criminals?

  2. I live in the “Golden State.” Those signs are the most truthful declarations around; hence, the anxiety and anger directed at them. The truth is dangerous and has and will always be to socialist totalitarians.

  3. 1 – That’s an expensive and well done prank. Congrats! to the “street artist”.
    2 – (I wonder how long that is? And how long it would take to detach it, strap it to the car top, and drive away? That’s one prank I wouldn’t mind stealing for future preservation. You know the state will just destroy it)
    (needed: team of four people, each with a fully charged battery drill with sockets, two ladders, tie down straps)

  4. It’s getting worse quick. Prop 63, the back ground checks for ammo, goes into effect tomorrow. Virtually no gun or ammo store has received a license to sell ammo yet. Our Sheriff has been writing, e mailing, and calling CalDoj for the last week. He’s been posting the correspondence and conversations on the Sheriffs FB page. He’s caught them in several lies. But the final answer was these ammo stores will just need to close their doors until the licenses are ready. His final reply was that was totally unacceptable. It’ll be interesting to see if our county ammo stores are selling ammo tomorrow. Sound like our Sheriff is ready to go to war with the state.

  5. @BadBrad, if the stores can’t legally SELL ammo, they should check IDs and GIVE it away to legit citizens and accept donations to cover costs.

    It has to do with the jackboot of tyrannical government….. That and a good old “f-*k ’em”

  6. If it weren’t for the conservatives still in Cali it would be fun to watch the consternation in Sacramento if Trump announced that if an illegal makes it to Cali or another sanctuary city or state that they’re won’t be bothered. Then go on to say that the feds will be tripling efforts to deport out all the illegals in the rest of the country. The incentive would be then for illegals to race to Cali. Brown would get lynched by his own party.

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