45 ISIS Fighters Eat Poisoned Meal And Die

Bon Appétit and Allahu Akhbar!

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

22 Comments on 45 ISIS Fighters Eat Poisoned Meal And Die

  1. Just air-drop Michelle’s lunches.
    (…and pray no one calls out
    the Geneva Convention…)

  2. And it was the fast-breaking meal of Ramadan! The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    Who knew St. Michael the Archangel would slip ptomaine (or whatever) into their goatmeat!

  3. I liked the comment ” The cook that prepared the meal has killed more isis than obama in 18 months “.

  4. This would have been funnier if it happened at the Iftar dinner held at the White Hut. I’ll take this version anyway.

  5. Wonder if it was Goat? The cannibals would have literally been eating their own boyfriends! Not bad, first screw it and then have for the entree!

  6. I think it’s time for a patriot chef in the WH kitchen…AND one in the congressional cafeteria. What say you?

  7. CSI Bumphuq will have quite a time solving this crime. We all know what a class guy Mohamhead was (just ask Aisha, his 6 yo wife), he approved of having sex with the goats and camels but if you inseminated one, then you could NOT sell it in your own village, but, yeah, sure, the next village down the trail, WTF!!

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