$5 billion over 20 years to Palestinians has gotten us what, exactly?

The violent reaction from Palestinians to the announcement that we are moving our embassy to Jerusalem has the president cutting off aid entirely to those Arabs who vow to destroy Israel. Of course, the freeloaders got upset at the prospect of getting cut off and have declared Donald Trump is no longer a credible peace negotiator. I don’t think they understand yet who they are dealing with here.


This graph from a Congressional Research Service paper on our aid to Palestine sums up nicely who’s given the most money to terrorist states over the last 25 years. This can’t go on.

Figure 1: Overall U.S. Bilateral Assistance to the Palestinians: 1990-2015

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  1. Stop treating palestinians as something special They’re arabs like the rest of them. Who treated the Jewish people like crap when they were in charge.

  2. Met some “Palestinians” in Bethlehem a few years back – they reminded me of mafia dons celebrating their turf and power – they could not understand my lack of kissing their ass (went to the meeting of “Christian-Palestinians” and the arab ones as kind of a favor to a fellow pastor) like most main-line demononations do. I was called a Zionist and asked to leave.

  3. Palestinians are the dregs of the Arab world.
    I would like to see Israel wipe them off the map…

  4. sob, I had no idea the money taken from us and given to them exploded that much during the Obama era. Not surprised to discover it. Actually the big increase started during Dubya’s last year, then Barry accelerated it.

  5. so-called “Palestinians”, you are really Jordanians. You bit the hand that feeds you and in return you got smacked down for it by our embassy relocation to its rightful place and our stopping your gravy train. TOUGH SHIT, you Filthy Mohammedan Savages.

    While you still have time before the everlasting hellfire that awaits you, REPENT for your sins, deny Allah/ Satan and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

  6. Gaza Strip Palestinians are Egyptian citizens.
    Golan Heights Palestinians are Lebanese citizens.
    West Bank Palestinians are (Trans)Jordanian citizens.
    There should be sanctions against these three countries for mistreating their citizens so they could have generational shock troops against the Israelis. Look up the term Janissary.

  7. The curse of Ismael: “His hand shall be against every man and every man’s hand shall be against him.” This curse has spread from the Arabs into Spain and Portugal until 1492, and from Spain and Portugal across Mexico and South and Central America since then. “Hot Latin blood” is really Ismaelite blood.

  8. Janissary link: http://www.theottomans.org/english/campaigns_army/index_3.asp, “the Turks, with the religious sanction of the grand mufti, took as tribute [jizyra] from the Christian population a percentage of the male children. These became the “slaves” of the sultan. Completely severed from their Christian families, these children were brought up as Moslems and imbued with religious devotion to Islam and loyalty to the sultan.” In other words, raised from infancy to be soldiers.

  9. good stop giving money to the Pals-Pakistan-Iranians and everyone else and start spending it here in the USA. Kick the UN out of here also… I could use some to supplement my retirement. 🙂

  10. I wonder how much of that 5 billion was kicked back to the Clinton Foundation. Judging by the kiss Hillary gave to Suha Arafat, it was more than chump change.

  11. Round the up and put them in Gaza. Liberate Judea and Samaria. Tell the pallytards any more rockets, tunnels, stabbings or cars ramming people and it’s Dreseden for you.

    I’m so sick of this excrement. With all the money these “people” have been sent they should all have PhDs and very nice condos but the only gift they have given the world is the suicide vest.


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