5 Years After the Worst Restaurant Review The NY Times Ever Published, Guy Fieri’s Times Square Eatery Closes

As Guy Fieri, the host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, pointed out, it’s impossible for a reviewer to hate EVERYTHING about a restaurant without an agenda. They gave Guy’s American Kitchen no star rating.

This little excerpt of the review by critic Pete Wells is dripping with agenda.

“Passion for ‘no-collar’ food” sort of gives away the crank’s bias, no?

I’ve never eaten there. Who knows? The food might have been terrible. But so is this critic’s nasty review. He obviously had a bug up his ass about Fieri’s style, and it influenced his critique. That’s not cool.

Ultimately, people vote with their feet, we don’t need critics that are intentionally vindictive.

For the record, he gave a positive review of the now closed Senor Frog’s, right down the street, and this is a place that was every bit the tourist trap, with a bar-like menu of pseudo Mexican dissent, alongside mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings. Unless you’re getting botulism, how is Fieri’s place that much inferior to bar food?






28 Comments on 5 Years After the Worst Restaurant Review The NY Times Ever Published, Guy Fieri’s Times Square Eatery Closes

  1. The only negative reviews I take to heart are on TRIP ADVISOR.

    And if I do it anyway, I use a lot of caution.

  2. “It’s kinda hard to pick a side in this…”

    Not for me. You have a business owner that was submarined by some jack ass that’s never taken the risk of trying to create his own paycheck. A petty little prick.

  3. Isn’t it just wonderful that we have paid food critics who can eat for all of us and save us the bother of having to taste our food!

  4. Who to fuck want’s to try to eat something that you can’t even get your mouth around? Pull your own pork you disgusting fucking asshole. Sorry, I like to eat with a knife and fork, you fucking pigs.

  5. For some reason, my wife and members of her family really “dug” this asshole and everything he supported. I in my dotage have become sympathetic to most everything…. especially if there is cheese…… WTF?

  6. His food is the worst on that channel. It’s like the kind of food that fucktarded teenagers would make if they weren’t to goddamn lazy to cook anything. Too much fat. Too much sugar. Too many hot spices. Too many calories. It’s basically carnival food, which I don’t even eat when I go to carnivals. So, if deep fried Snickers bars smothered in a ghost pepper compote is your thing, then I guess Guy Fagtierri is your dude.

  7. Is this the same New York Times that taints every single article with dripping condescension against middle American white culture?
    Yes. The reviewer has an agenda. Fuck him.

  8. “The reviewer sounds like he has the hots for Guy Fieri. You know, like how boys pull the hair of the little girl they like?”

    That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Especially after you get a look at the mutant.

  9. Food critics sound the same as movie critics; self-inflated word smiths. I rarely eat out, but I know the crap movies that the ‘critics’ like aren’t worth the trouble or money. Look at the damn Academy Awards, garbage, and all ‘loved’ by critics.


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