$50,000 NEH Grant To Study “Propaganda and Belief in the Modern World”

I guess if the government seeks an expert in propaganda, it would be only natural to find one in leftist academia. In this case, the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Founder Eric Mandelbaum, a philosophy professor at City University of New York, will develop his paper on “psychology of belief formation.”

Mandelbaum is the truest form of academic leftist, having recently co-written a paper entitled, “Believing Without Reason, or : Why Liberals Shouldn’t Watch Fox News.” In it, the professor expresses his own disbelief that so many Americans actually have faith.  More

6 Comments on $50,000 NEH Grant To Study “Propaganda and Belief in the Modern World”

  1. I wouldn’t call them experts. The left is completely incompetent when it comes to propaganda. Its so obvious and frantic it doesn’t fool anyone. It’s just political porn.

  2. simple really …. people are basically of 2 kinds, those that want to be led & those that want to be left alone to live their lives as they see accordingly

    of course, if one is to have a civilization, one must go by the rules. ‘liberals’ (an oxymoron these days if there ever was one!) don’t mind what you do … as long as it’s mandatory … ergo, the conflict

    now … where’s my $50 large? … better yet, give it to Eric Frank Russell. it was he who instilled this in me at an early age when I read his wonderful short story “…And Then There Were None”.

  3. It never has to work! It only has to look or sound good. if it is a Demonrat program, or position, it is nothing short of a POLISHED TURD! You can add Glitter or lipstick to the polished turd to make it more appealing for the second round of presentation. Progressive Politicos will tell everybody that they can pick it up by the clean end. But, truth be told it is still just a POLISHED TURD!! Merry Christmas Everyone!! Beware of gift bearing Libtards.


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