A 50-Year Dirt Nap

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary that the world was spared from any further deprivation of the Argentine revolutionary, Che Guevara. Both Cuba, where Che is revered as an iconic communist leader, and Bolivia, where he met his end, are going to celebrate the occasion.  More

Given the assist lent by our CIA, we should be celebrating as well.  More

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  1. Che Guevara was a communist mass murderer. How would people react to idiots wearing a shirt with Adolf Eichmann or Charles Manson emblazoned on it? Most of the people who revere Guevara would have been his victims if he had prevailed in his plans for a communist revolution in South America.

  2. My Canadian cousin’s girlfriend loves Che Guevara. I asked her why? “Because he’s so handsome.”

    SMFH. Any questions on how their pretty prime minister got elected?

  3. @Navigator, that always puzzles me. I don’t find him attractive at all. He’s a wimpy, limp wristed metro sexual (bar bouncer my ass). His nose is too big and his eyes scream “porch lights on but nobody is home.”

  4. “Ernesto Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots who Idolize Him” by Humberto Fontova. I highly recommend it, a great read. Che was also one racist sonofabitch, something else his “fans” are unaware of.

  5. He was a psychopath who murdered
    his own people with baseball bats.
    An old Bolivian goat herder turned
    him in because he “wanted to be
    left alone” by Che, who was being
    a pain in the ass up in the Bolivian
    mountains where Castro had dumped

  6. It truly breaks my heart to tell you this here on IOTW. But the Irish Postal service has just printed a One Euro stamp in memory of Che Guevara. Check it out on Google.
    Titim marbh Ireland. TM

  7. On second thought. If the Irish Postal system had used the Che picture at the top of this post on the stamp, instead of the t-shirt image, it may have served a useful purpose.

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