A Fitting Tribute To Obama

Madison democrats want to rename the city’s ugly municipal building after Barack Obama. The grey cement monolith has in recent years had toilets back up and the homeless congregate in and around the building adding piles of trash and human waste to the structure’s uncaring soviet-style modernist façade.


13 Comments on A Fitting Tribute To Obama

  1. First thing I thought when I saw the photo was fitting former east bloc architecture. Does it have a hammer and sickle carved in the cornerstone?

  2. NB – The dictionary sense of “warren” as I’m using it, from the OED:

    4.4 A building or settlement likened to a rabbit-warren; a brothel; a building or cluster of dwellings (esp. if partly underground) densely populated by poor tenants. Also, any area of living or office space characterized as a mass of passages and (small) rooms.

  3. That “county executive” just fell off the turnip truck. His memory of JFK is incredibly weak.
    He would be insulted by the comparison.
    Will there be a place to get shots against various diseases before entering this man made potty?

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