A Murder The LSM Missed

detroit murder


Detroit has been a hot bed of violence since a socialistic style collapse leveled the city years ago. Decades of Democrat control had a stranglehold on the city, and the destruction was obvious. Government corruption was at an all time high, and the city is still largely in shambles thanks to the crash that destroyed the economy. Violence and poverty are rampant in Detroit, and the news media should be covering it, but they aren’t.

Detroit police have just made an arrest in a murder of a 43-year-old mother and the near fatal injuries to her 22-year-old daughter. They now have a 50-year-old man in custody for the homicide and attempted homicide of the two women. The attack happened Thursday morning inside the woman’s home. The mother was attempting to break off a relationship with the 50-year-old man when he snapped and took matters into his own hands, fatally stabbing the mother and almost killing the 22-year-old daughter. The younger woman is recovering at the hospital from stab wounds that nearly ended her life. more

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  1. As Jack Kerwick wrote recently at Town Hall:

    …allusions to “gun violence” and “mental health” are especially pernicious inasmuch as they obscure the evil nature of the deed being explained. To see just how egregious an offense this is, consider some analogies.

    Imagine if, while discussing the Holocaust, we spoke about “gas chamber violence,” or while discussing Islamic State mass beheadings, we talked instead of “machete violence.” Or suppose that discussions of the lynching of blacks were peppered with references to “rope violence.” None of this would sit well with decent human beings, for it is clear, or at least it is thought that it should be clear, that such descriptions miss entirely that which is fundamental to the phenomena being described—the perpetrators responsible for these wicked deeds.

    The perpetrators deserve to be recognized for the moral agents that they are, and their victims deserve an honest account of their fates.

  2. It’s the same way with the Bever family of Tulsa, OK. In spite of the fact that 5 members of that family were murdered with knives by 2 brothers the MSM said little to nothing of it.


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