Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) might have filed on Tuesday with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to run for President, Breitbart News has learned.


Scott Walker is a common name. We can’t confirm that the Wisconsin Governor filed this paperwork. But we do know that at least one man named “Scott Walker” will bid to be your next president. More@BigGovernment


  1. I hope and pray that when Walker finally comes out to run, that he comes out swinging. There is absolutely no leadership among the Dirty Dozen we have now, and if Scott Walker plays hardball like I think he is capable of, then the field is going to be thinned out pretty quickly.

    What we do not need is a repeat of “candidates” like Michelle Bachman running around the country endlessly beating the shit out of viable candidates for no good reason. I think Walker will be amazed at the reaction if he mounts a no-kidding reality based campaign based on where we really are in this Country, where we need to go, and just what it is going to take to get back where we should never have strayed from in the first place.

  2. Amen to that Chieftain. The left keeps pushing mushy middle RINOs on GOP, saying they are the only electable ones – because they can beat them. A candidate with a clear, consistent voice will win.

  3. He certainly has had a positive impact here in Wisconsin. While I don’t agree with everything he does, (as with any candidate) I do admire that he can stand up for his beliefs and then govern to make them happen.

    His strengths are his ability to examine an issue, take in all the facts along with all the BS, then make a sound decision with the ability to articulate his reasoning.

    It sparks confidence in the electorate.

    He will have his challenges and detractors if he runs, but he has shown the ability to overcome and even shape voters opinions of him.

    He will absolutely have my support.

    Go Governor Walker!

  4. If he could develop the “ass-hole” attitude of the Donald… yeah, ok. I would vote for him. … but he seems so weak. We need a Brainy Nerd (like Walker or Cruz) PLUS the annoying, in-your-face mouth of Trump, PLUS the DNA of Kamikaze pilots.

    It’s slash and burn time for the fed. I pray someone steps up and acts like a man. I mean that. No females need apply, Lindsey.


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