A wifi network at Trump’s Austin rally


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  1. So it seems Cankles now is going the way of the other LOSER, Barky Hussein, hitting the Libbie talk show circuit. Nothing unexpected there…Losers drawn to each other like flies around the over-ripe dumpster. Is Cankles subsiding to the level of “I can make shadows on the wall….watch me, tee hee??” Common thread with the White Hut. I would sincerely hope voters have gagged enough the last 8 years to not make the same stupid voting mistakes again.

  2. NSA has probably already pounded in his door and carted off his computer and told him to shut up about it or go to jail.

  3. Seriously people, I don’t get any of this. What is the graphic from and what does it mean?

    Is it a screen shot of available wifi at the rally?

  4. Here is a little trick.
    On your computer, create a desktop folder and name it “Hillary Clinton Emails”
    Move the desktop folder to trash.
    The computer will ask if you want to delete “Hillary Clinton Emails”
    Hit the yes.
    There, you too can run for President as a democrat.

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