Academic Suggests New Year’s Resolution to Save the Planet

Breitbart: Forget those New Year’s resolutions to finally stick to your exercise plan or to spend less money at Starbucks. Climate scientists at the University of California are suggesting a different kind of resolution — eat a low-emissions diet.

Public News Service reports:

Maya Almaraz, a postdoctoral researcher at the university, says while people may feel helpless when it comes to an issue as large as a warming planet, the data show that personal decisions really can have a big impact.

“We make food choices every day,” Almaraz said.“It’s an individual choice, so you may make them based on how you want to look or what you want your health to be.”

“Or you can choose to make them based on how you want to impact the planet,” Almaraz said in the report.

Almaraz said the most important change one can make to reduce methane and carbon pollution is putting less meat on your plate. read more

28 Comments on Academic Suggests New Year’s Resolution to Save the Planet

  1. Yeah……no! That steak and all that bacon don not create as much methane with me as say….. cabbage! WTF is wrong with these people?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Why do they keep suggesting things they know we’re never going to do? Is it part of their grant money obligations? STFU. Seriously. STFU.

  3. We’ve got a Boston butt and two racks of ribs in the smoker. I’m expecting nirvana around four, followed by my Alma Mater beating the crap out of Oklahoma.

  4. The most noxious emissions I know are the dictatorial blatherings of eco-wacko left-collectivists. To reduce total global noxiousness, perhaps we should put some of those butt-heads in the smoker for a little BBQ long pig.

  5. C’mon … I’m only a stupid-ass fuckin plumber and I know that the major emitter (producer) of methane is termites (they eat dead wood and fart methane). What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    Why is there a constant call for genocide, infanticide, and Christian-i-cide, but never a call for termite-i-cide?

    We have to return to the stone-age (according to these morons) to “save” the planet, but what we really need is “saving” from the fucking morons in Academia!
    And DC! And Hollyweird!

    Have any idea where we’d be without termites to eat all the vegetable matter that falls every year? Well, I don’t either, but we’d probably be asshole-deep in sticks!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Since methane emissions from cows are of very high volume, I suggest instead we should eat more beef.
    For duty and humanity.

  7. Been getting Tomahawk Ribeye’s onsale for $10/lb. Big ass 1 foot bone hanging off a 3 inch thick slab of meat. Low and slow till 110 internal and the burn the living piss out of it over a 1000 degree fire for a few minutes.

    Absolutely delectable.

  8. Ham, beans, homemade dumplings and corn bread.
    I expect the methane police bursting through my door any minute.

  9. There are only a few resolutions I’ve ever been able to keep. Two of them are Ignore all environmental pronouncements, and the other is enjoy as much meat as possible. If the left says it’s bad it has to be good.


    Don’t-fire-me-I-wrote-a-paper-on-the-stuff-you-like, thesis.

    I think a lot of these are just political cover so people can pretend to be on the side of the majority in academia. If you don’t publish some ridiculous puff-piece, they start to get suspicious.

  11. How about we staple your mouths open, then fart and shit down your proggy throats. Sounds like a plan to me.

  12. While environmental fruitcakes with protein withdrawal symptoms become agitated, confused, have fainting spells and sneek McDonalds hamburgers, I’ll be enjoying a big pot of ham and beans with cabbage to celebrate the new MAGA year.

  13. I had filet mingnon for the first time in my like, at home. At Nearly $20.00/lb, it was delicious. Thanks to all the Black Angus cows who filled the air with methane gas. Knowing it drives limosine liberal crazy made it even more special.


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