Acid Attacks skyrocket in London

Caolan Robertson of has the latest shocking statistics about “Britain’s secret shame.”

14 Comments on Acid Attacks skyrocket in London

  1. FGM, beheadings, honor killings, acid attacks, terrorist attacks, etc.
    Brought to you by the so-called “religion of peace”.

  2. Then Go Mideivil on their Asses, First give them Acid and then a Post to Hang from in Picadilly Circus ! Just spray him down once a Day , with the Pine Crap they wash New Orleans streets with !

  3. Every civilized person should be armed and trained to shoot to defend themselves. Am I phucking nuts? That should never be necessary in today’s civilized world.

  4. Time to bring back “an eye for an eye”. If a savage realizes that if he sprays 5 fluid ounces on 4 people when he is caught he is going to get the full 5 ounces is his face. This will never happen and so the savages will continue to multiply and become more brazen

  5. This is why we need to be armed here in the Inited States.

    Only your enemy wants you disarmed. The government is inept and cannot protect you. The justice system is so weak that it is laughable. The Fake News Media excuses muslim atrocities. Real men and women need to be ready to act when in danger.

  6. I was in a friendly water balloon fight as a teen when things went south real quick, a young brat had been taken cheap shots at the group so it came time for paybacks, a friendly dousing with the hose. No injury except to her pride. She didn’t like that too much so went in her house and got a pitcher of bleach, I was the intended target.
    I was very fortunate on several counts: 1) I knew she was a sniveling sh!t and wouldn’t take a lesson easily; 2) when she came out of the house I saw the pitcher in her hand; 3) I was able to get a bit of distance from her so that the bleach hit my back and legs instead of full in the face where she was aiming; 4) she was immediately knocked to the ground so she couldn’t swing what was left in the pitcher; and 5) we still had the hose right there and I immediately started washing off. She got grounded for the day. No ass whooping and we didn’t press charges (and in hind-sight I wish we had).

  7. The only answer to these type of crimes is exactly what the public officials are unwilling to do, so on it goes. We’ll be seeing the same type of attacks here soon enough.

  8. A quick solution would be, as soon as you know you’ve been doused in acid, is to tackle the retard and drive him full back into the moving train.
    He’ll definitely be hurt, you’re already hurt and may be hurt more.
    But this would require mature adult thinking and reaction, some advance “what if” role play, and a “fuck you” attitude. Which too much of GB and Europe do not have. Too bad for the acid splashed young men whose lives are now damaged, if not outright ruined. My sympathies to them, and hope that they recover to be able to lead productive lives, that they don’t become spineless leeches.


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