Acosta Battles With Hugh Hewitt Over Snarky Tweets

Daily Caller- Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt took CNN’s Jim Acosta to task in a Tuesday interview over his network’s coverage of President Donald Trump.

The contentious interview lasted nearly twenty minutes and ended in Acosta complaining that he didn’t have enough time to answer questions and that the interview was unfair.


…“And so this is in response. You don’t like him, because he’s mean to you?” Hewitt asserted.

8 Comments on Acosta Battles With Hugh Hewitt Over Snarky Tweets

  1. Jimmy,Here is a word of advise after listening to your nauseating interview. Find a new line of work. Journalism and snarky doesn’t work for you. Stay away from veterinary jobs as dogs sense things and you’ll be bitten often. Avoid college as your views in that arena will only become worse. May I suggest trade school so you can learn to work for a living. Your pal, Timmy

  2. As if Sarah Huckabee’s b!tchslapping Acosta
    in the WH Press Room wasn’t enough…
    …Lefties just keep coming back for more!

  3. That was more fair and he was given more time to respond than anything that is thrown at Trump or his press Sec.

    Different POTUS different rules!? More like the only rule for the last 8 years regarding the POTUS was prop the SCOAMF up. And now that rule is “destroy with extreme prejudice”.

    Here is my interpretation of the CNN news staff over the last year regarding the Russian story. You can see the high’s when they think they have Trump and the the low when they realize they have to start over. At 4:06 it’s the realization that they will not impeach Trump and none of them will ever get the Book deal Redford & Hoffman got when they took down all the Kings men.

  4. New POTUS new rules?! The only “rule” Acosta and company followed with the last POTUS was “say whatever needs to be said to prop this SCOMAF up”. The only rule they have today is “destroy by whatever means possible”.

    The whole saga of CNN and company reminds me of this: it follows the ups and downs of the Russian “story”. The highs of “We have him now” to the “oh, what the hell did we just run with?”. at 4:06 you will see what the realization that there won’t be an impeachment.

  5. It was the best interview wishy-washy, pompous, leftist-leaning Hugh ever gave. He fawns over his MSNBC coworkers, and tries to give credibility to the other MSM progressives.

    I think I dislike most, Hugh’s snarkiness to what he sees as inferior thinking people. Those who are not of his education, experience and intelligence. He often sounds like he sympathizes with HRC’s disdain of the deplorables.

  6. Hewitt threw softballs at his “good friend” Candy Crowley after she threw the debate to Obama, and Hewitt thinks Mueller is doing a fine job, so it’s good to see he hasn’t completely sold out.

    I’m sure he’ll patch things up quickly with his good friend Jim Acosta. Hugh is okay with his good friends embarrassing themselves by fawning over Obama, but he draws the line at them making fools of themselves when attacking Trump.

  7. Hugh can supremely annoy me many times, but I think he tries to be fair and consistent – plus he’s the only conservative game in town, radio-wise, on my way in to work.

    Anyhoo, heard the last part of the interview this morning and was laughing out loud. Acosta, indignantly claiming to be an unbiased broker of the news, and then by his following words regarding PDJT, showed how biased he was…and the idiot kept doing it to himself, over and over. It made me smile for a very long time today.


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