Adam Carolla For Prager University

He won’t tell you who to vote for, but he will tell you who NOT to vote for.

Good stuff.

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  1. I hate the “I’ll fight for you” blather……And, it is amazing how much Adam looks like my Dad, especially if you put some 1950s glasses on him.

  2. I like that!

    There’s a guy running for Attourney General in Arkansas – every day, political ads on tv – and all of his campaign promises he mentions in the ads are things that are all REQUIRED for anybody who holds that office! “I will work hard to uphold the constitution.” You bet your fat ass you will, if you want to hold that office. “I will see to it that the laws of Arkansas are not abused.” Wow, that’s fantastic! Why didn’t anybody ever think of doing that before?

    He didn’t get my vote for that obvious reason, he’s trying to sell something that every legal candidate already has — promise to uphold the laws. Very weak campaign, if you ask me.

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