Adding Mental Illness Documentary Audio To Clips of SJW Leftists

It works perfectly!

ht: refuse/resist

18 Comments on Adding Mental Illness Documentary Audio To Clips of SJW Leftists

  1. At the outside store today, I saw a nice new weighted
    fish bat about twenty inches long with a nice handle and
    a triangular shape. I know where I’d use it…..

  2. Stunning how the audio perfectly fits the actions of these mentally-impaired pseudo-humans, isn’t it? I’m wondering what they’re reactions would be if they viewed this–probably complete denial that this never happened, similar to Miz Maxine Waters.

    Liberalism is truly a mental disease!

  3. So this is what open joke Friday is like. That was great.
    It puts a smile on my face to see libtards heads explode.

  4. A wonderful example of what I call the teeth-gnashing, pearl-clutching, bead-strumming, dumbed-down, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, kumbaya-singing, Xanax-disabled, perversity celebrating Progressives, all screaming in lock-step with Stupid while viewing the world thru their real or imagined vaginas.

  5. How are these diseases spread?

    Can such disorders be sexually transmitted? Can I catch one from a public toilet seat? Is it time to revoke the Five Second Rule?

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