Advantage Hillary

An ABC News/Washington Post poll out this morning gives a dismal preview of the general election in November if it’s going to be Trump vs. Clinton.


While Hillary is viewed unfavorably by 52 percent of voters, Trump is even worse at 67 percent of voters (though he has improved 8 percent since November). The polling gets worse from there.

Clinton is viewed as trustworthy by just 37 percent, Trump by 27 percent. She polls far better on empathy, experience and personality.



Maybe when she gets indicted her numbers will finally collapse below his.

Breaking: The RNC is suing the State Department for her e-mails.  Maybe that’ll do the trick.



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  1. Yeah, and in 2012 the polls all showed Romney stomping Obama.
    Not a huge fan of Trump, but want to see him win so I can watch the liberal heads EXPLODE.

  2. Would they have the brass to float these polls if the DNC was warring against Hitlery and the GOP was at least neutral toward their frontrunner ?

  3. with a 51% obama approval today, and the fact that she may be protected from indictment by the shenanigans of this administration, we are not out of the danger zone

    i am all for trump kicking some ass, but this is not going to be a cakewalk

    when bernie is taken out, i am hopeful that the collateral damage will seal her fate


  4. everything the mind controlled media morons report is manufactured bullshit to keep you hyped up and anxious.

    remember that.

  5. The polling was conducted by Langer Research

    They provide their methodology with the report

    The margins between the two candidates has been consistent over a number of surveys.

    Unless someone can point out a direct link between the research firm and the democrat party, find fault with the methodology or otherwise demonstrate that the basis for the polling is flawed, it is not enough to declare the information gathered invalid or that the source is somehow biasing the data to generate a desired outcome.

    So take a look at the methodology, look at the other survey work done by Langer Research for other firms and get back to me on what disqualifies the findings.

  6. “For landline respondents, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest male or youngest female at home”

    Well, that clears that up. Youngest male worth his salt isn’t going to participate, only metrosexuals or gender confused adolescents.

    Wonder how they surveys work when asking grown-ups.

  7. @Burner, I believe that is an effort to address an age bias in households with landlines.

    “From October 2008 to June 2015, data were post-stratified to Census region by sample type; rim weights then were calculated using Census parameters for age, race/ethnicity, sex and education. The precision of race/ethnicity weights was enhanced in April 2013. In July 2015, post-stratification by sample type was discontinued and Census region and phone service (landline only, dual service and cell-only) were added to the rim weighting variables. Weights are capped at lows of 0.2 and highs of 6.

    definition of rim weighting

  8. Many people who’d never publicly admit to being okay with Trump as President will vote for him over Hillary, but I still think the advantage will be Hillary in a full court press because, let’s face it, we’ve got no voter ID requirements and anybody who’d be willing enforce voter integrity is on the dump Trump side.

    Trump will be screwed out of the Presidency one way or another. And then the rage being expressed now will just have to stew for 4 more years until that disgusting old cunt Hillary really turns this country into a total insane asylum.

  9. So what! Trump is a businessman, he’ll build the fucking wall and make Mexico pay for it, will fix the trade imbalances, will make America great again by what means I haven’t a clue.

    The constitution (rule of law( is what made this country great in the first place and I’ve yet to hear him speak positively on that and for that matter anything regarding it.

    If you like your dictatorship, you can keep it. May as well at this point as the feckless GOPe refused to smack down Obama.

  10. Polls change and that poll will change dramatically once it is one on one. Trump landslides Hillary.


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