African migrants bring untreatable form of TB to Europe


Voice of Europe: Experts of the University of Zurich, in Switzerland, discovered a “multidrug-resistant” form of tuberculosis in eight refugees who came from the Horn of Africa.

In a new official report the Swiss laboratory mentions several cases from 2016. The head of diagnostics Peter Keller says:

“These bacteria exhibited a new combination of resistance mutations against four different antibiotics that had never before been seen.”  more here

14 Comments on African migrants bring untreatable form of TB to Europe

  1. TB was almost gone in the US until the early 80’s when sodomites spread a blood borne disease that killed immune systems slowly. They became reservoir hosts, typhoid Marys, of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    One of them coughed in or near you and your skin test converted. Forever.

    You won’t know if you get ShitHole® TB until you start dying from it in since there is no alternative screen.

    I wonder why ShitHole Media™ never discuss sodomite-spread TB…

  2. This is just one of the many benefits of diversity.
    There is a possibility that in two, maybe three generations of Europeans (those that survive) will become immune to this deadly strain.

    Diversity is good, we used to have world wars and unhindered abortions to reduce the world population, now we just allow diseased immigrants to infect entire continents.

  3. Wiki: The Horn of Africa denotes the region containing the countries of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

    How did a “multidrug-resistant” form of tuberculosis come from those countries? Do they have medical facilities to treat TB so that it has a chance to mutate into a resistant form? /s


    “These bacteria exhibited a new combination of resistance mutations against four different antibiotics that had never before been seen.”

    Was it the four different antibiotics that were never seen before or was it the bacteria?

    Doesn’t ANYONE care about proper sentence formation anymore?

    Rant off.

  4. Obama brought us Ebola and who knows what else. Bet he feels cheated he didn’t get the chance to bring these people in.


    Hey Europe … have you learned anything, yet?
    Dumb fucks – century after century – same old dumb-ass mistakes …

    Remember the “definition of insanity?”

    Last one out – shut out the lights –

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. That’s what you get when you invite migrants from shithole countries.

    Europe is rapidly becoming a collection of shithole countries.

  7. Political correctness has no place in public health policy. Every major outbreak and epidemic in the past 40 years has been due to or exacerbated by absurd policy decisions based on political correctness.

    The US and EU regularly bring in refugees that have not been adequately screened, and those have have been screened and found to be infected with a communicable disease are allowed to circulate freely among the population anyway, lest they and their fellow countrymen be stigmatized.

    Here in Utah, there is a serious outbreak of Hepatitis A in the county south of me. Thousands are being asked to be tested before it is too late to be vaccinated. There are refugees, legal and illegal immigrants and overseas travelers that may be the focus of this outbreak, but there are also thousands of “homeless” that have been coming here in droves over the past two years — or it could be some poor soul who made the mistake of visiting California.

    A major concern from the Horn of Africa is the possibility of smallpox reappearing. I don’t have much confidence in the WHO’s declaration that smallpox was eradicated back in the 70’s.

    Global mass migration. Perhaps that is the Fabians’ master plan to collapse the human population?

  8. President Trump was spot on. Shithole countries.. We have enough problems in this country without importing new ones by CHOICE!


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