Ag Dept. Issues Entry Permit For Reindeer

With just days to spare, a permit allowing a small herd of reindeer was issued by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. The document certifies that the animals are all disease-free and allows them free movement throughout the nation.   More

7 Comments on Ag Dept. Issues Entry Permit For Reindeer

  1. Of course, when Santa hits the agriculture checkpoint at the CA border, he’ll be relieved of all his fruit baskets – not that California needs any more fruit baskets…
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

  2. I just tried to locate the original NORAD Santa Tracker from

    My Childhood…Nothing but new versions…Still way cool though.

  3. If you haven’t spent much time listening to Sonny Purdue’s speeches/remarks, do. He is an amazing guy — so smart, so results driven. And the way he says “Val-ya” and “Ish-ya” for “Value” and “Issue” is way funny. But I’m from the NW so what do I know. 🙂


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