Ahhhhhh- NFL Problem Solved; Get Rid of All the White People

P Diddy solves NFL problem… get rid of whites! He’s ready to own all-black football league

And who will support this league in terms of audience and revenue?


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  1. That’s exactly what they said in South Africa——before the revolution! WTF? I’m glad I’m on the down side of the hill, but I pity the little children.

  2. The cheerleaders will be dressed exponentially sluttier and far more suggestive.
    Fights will be common in the stands.
    Objects will rain down on the field in such quantity as to interfere with play
    Referees will be replaced with robots due to the high ‘beating with a helmet’ rate
    Every now and then you see somebody bust a cap into some punk ass kicker

  3. Yeah, I’ve heard the results of ‘whitey’ being kicked out of Zimbabwe, I’ve heard about the lack of ‘white’ leadership in the ghetto….. I’m sure it will all work itself out.

  4. This is pretty similar to what I said a couple of days ago. They can’t stand playing for white owners. They can’t stand white QBs calling the shots.

    They want segregation and cleansing anything or anyone “white” from the game.

    Now they’re getting around to saying it. The XFL failed. They think the X-con FL will be a smashing success.

    If they want to identify as an exclusionary identity group, they shouldn’t be surprised when whites start to do it as well. And all those wonderful equal rights, nondiscrimination laws start being used against them.

  5. Ugh. Just read that incoherent Twitter post.

    He even threw in a We Wuz Kangz.

    Well, yea. Blacks owned slaves too. Massa Diddy wants needs a few mules to plow the foosball field for him.

    Too many Kangz, not enough slaves. They should sell the league to him. It’s not going to be worth much soon enough.

    It’s only bankruptcy.

  6. I’ve been to packed Jet and Giant games over the years. Span the crowds. There should be a game show called “Spot the black” at a football game. Forget the field, just the crowd. Don’t worry I won’t enter, I haven’t been to a game in years. Maybe it changed???????

  7. Can’t really say that I’m enjoying the racists and perverts outing themselves, but it’s good to hear them say it.
    Now I’m free to stop mincing my words and it’s clear that the battle lines have been drawn.

    You want segregation? I’m good with that.
    Y’all are nothing but the source of perpetual pain, suffering and societal instability.

    I ask nothing of you than to leave me alone and stop taking my reparation payments.

    You are on your own. That’s what you’re demanding.

  8. Who’s paying for the stadiums? At today’s construction costs it could run $3-$5 billion dollars per stadium. That doesn’t even include operating costs and staff. Even if you started small with 10 teams, you would be looking at a $70 billion dollar start up cost.

    Maybe you should just buy an Arena Football Team. You can call them the Black Panthers. Catchy, eh

  9. Fine. Can’t wait. It will prove to be just as successful as Marcus Garvey’s brilliant plan – sarc. After the snitching, backstabing and corruption that bankrupt ship never sailed.

  10. Reparations – give us the NFL. Even if that happened it wouldn’t be enough. The dirty little secret is there is never enough. There is no solution to a liberal manufactured problem. They don’t want it ever solved.

  11. Fast forward to Super Bowl LII (52) in Minneapolis next January. It will be the least attended, least watched of all time. In the home of SJW central.

    The locals will make a mess of it thinking they still have relevance.

    What better way to “kick off” the 2018 political season?

    Ooooo. This is getting good.

  12. why havnt all those that are offended by the flag renounced their citizenship and taken all their money and hookers back to wherever they think their ancestors were carried here from?

  13. The last time I went to a NFL game was about 5 years ago, I’ve saw more blacks at a minor hockey league game than I did there. Of course the minor hockey league team routinely hands out free tickets and blacks must be the first in line. You never see them except at games when free tickets were given out.

  14. I am suffering from negro overload syndrome. Ugggggg. Everything I see and read is about blacks or fags. At work, which is about 45% black, I hear Ebonics all day long. They’re so LOUD. And the black women are so petty and bitter. Sigh.

    Uggggg again. Auto correct capitalized Ebonics. What a friggin joke.

  15. Why not have the NFL negro football league and WFL white football league? They never play each other, have their own Super Bowls and their own fans. We will find out how many fans will support their own leagues. I have the feeling that the NFL will be broke in a year.

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