AK’s Made In The USA

Looking for the perfect match to you’re AR-15?  An iconic weapon stitched into the design of national flags (see Mozambique) and revered round the world as the terrorist weapon of choice?  Look no further because the Kalashnikov USA is going to begin manufacturing their firearms right here in the heartland.

Thanks to Obama’s sanctions against Russia for invading its neighbors, imports of AKs were banned in 2014.  Now they have set up a factory in Pompano Beach, Florida and are hiring those interested in a manufacturing job.




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  1. Jethro- There are varying degrees of each. I have one SKS,milled trigger guard and screw-in barrel, and another that has stamped guard and pinned barrel. My AK is milled receiver and hammer forged barrel. Nice gun. But there are also cheapies out there.

  2. Hey, remember all those brand new Korean war surplus, preserved M-1s our dweeby former cum-in-hander in Chief banned from importing? Maybe now we can get our hands on em.

  3. If Barky was blocking the Russian AK importation, I reckon he was blocking the Russian AK factory here, too. Why is the MSM not freaking out about this? It pulls so many of their current triggers. Maybe Monday after the pussy hats are finished, they’ll hit it hard. In fact Obama might have to step in.

  4. Kalashnikov USA is a hack!

    Not anywhere related to Kalashnikov.

    Just bought a PSA AKM.

    Much better bang for the $!

  5. If you want an AK, Arsenal is the one. And Atlantic Firearms is the reputable place to deal with. Century and Classic have less than stellar reputations, reviewable with a simple web search.

  6. A quick check on the interwebs shows on the black market, the average price for an AK worldwide is $434. If you sell a kidney you can buy 280 of them!

  7. I gotta figure out how to get the wife
    on board with my Christmas wish list. The
    last one was a Glock 43. This is gonna be
    a little more difficult.

  8. ^^^^^^^^^

    Hehehe! I did that two weeks ago
    with a new desk top. I came to the realization that
    my computer was the same age as my 7 year
    old. I get away with it about once a year.
    I’ve been wanting either an M-1A or a AK platform
    for awhile.

    THEN my buddy at work buys a Kel-Tec KSG and rants
    about it. Good lord, the choices are so hard. I might go
    with the KSG, I’m all about room clearing and not sniping,
    I live on an island…….


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