Alec Baldwin Defends Woody Allen


 Alec Baldwin has denounced other Hollywood stars who’ve condemned director Woody Allen over sexual abuse claims. The actor, who has worked with Allen on films including To Rome With Love, made his argument in a series of tweets Tuesday in which he called the ongoing controversy “unfair and sad.” In his first tweet, 59-year-old Baldwin noted that investigations in both New York and Connecticut have cleared Allen of wrongdoing.

“No charges were filed,” he wrote.


Mia Farrow found out her daughter was dating her “father,” her longtime boyfriend Woody,  when she found nude pictures of her on the mantel in the living room. Seems highly unlikely he molested another one of her daughters.  /sarc

8 Comments on Alec Baldwin Defends Woody Allen

  1. This is where we are supposed to hear about them happily making up together.

    Then finding daddy dead of a suicide.👍

  2. Sorry to pick nits, but it was Woody’s step-daughter.
    Other than that both Alec and Woody can suck start a shotgun.

  3. I have a source (the same one used by the NYT/Wapo for shithole) that told me Alec Baldwin raped and molested his daughter since she was an infant and shared naked kiddy porn pictures of her with Woody Allen.

  4. Ignore Alec Baldwin and he’ll go away.

    Same works for SNL. the late night ‘humor’ shows, the nightly network news, the ‘blockbuster’ crap produce by Hollyweird. They survive on publicity, any type. So deny them that.


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