And now a word from Big Effing Joe Biden

Patriot Retort: Remember the morning after Obama signed Obamacare into law? He held a press conference at the White House and his Vice President Joe Biden introduced him.

Joe hugged the President then said to him, “This is a big effing deal.”

Only Joe didn’t say “big effing deal;” he said “big fucking deal.

On camera and in front of microphones.

But now Joe Biden is pretending to be a prim and proper man of dignity and morals.


How effing lacking in self-awareness is Joe Biden anyway?

Yes, and unlike Joe Effing Biden, we don’t know for sure that President Trump said what is being attributed to him.

Because unlike Effing Joe, it supposedly happened in a closed meeting and not in front of microphones and cameras.

And really? If Joe Biden uses that kind of language in front of cameras and microphones, I’m guessing the crap he said in closed meetings would have made Sam Kinison blanch.  Keep reading

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  1. Sam Kinison. Awww man, what a loss to humanity that was. Think of all the hysterical things he would have said over the years. He would have destroyed the SJW movement.

  2. Yeah… when he’s not drunk on his ass singing Villages commercials, good ole Jackass Joe is the grinning imbecile who acts like an arrogant assistant manager of a used car lot with the split personality of Karl Childers and a drunken, Tourettes-addled Winnebago man.
    “Mmmmm, Mmmmm… them french fried pertaters are a big fuckin deal!”

    I’d say we’ve done a LOT better than that!!

  3. Man, Spiro Agnew, that was a Vice President to be proud of.

  4. I agree with Joe. But Congress won’t let us be better than this. Do you know how many times we’ve asked for a chorus of (quite prim) “And may God have mercy on your souls”?

  5. The man with seemingly NO BOUNDARIES suddenly had boundaries?

    Whatever situational morality is needed to advance the party is always the correct morality.

  6. The scum that floats on top of plastic, sewage-filled ditches in ShitHoles® like Haiti, that’s a higher life form than Joe Biden.

  7. way back in the wayback, i got the honor of sitting next to some new jersey senator or representative, i don’t remember…some smelly oily new jersey politician, of whatever sort…this would be in the early 70s….for some sort of debate….he was toadly hands on, and thought nothing of it…..

    okay, so i WAS 37-22-36 at the time….i didn’t think that made me “fair game” at the time, nor would it make any young woman fair game today……

    that man was a sleezeball…..many men are sleezeballs……

    many women are sleezeballs…….you guys need to start a hashtag me too of your own…..

    i hate witch hunts……

  8. i REALLY wish i could remember his name, tho…

    because he was a REAL piece of shit…….

    and he smelled.

    and he didn’t smell good, either.

    and i had to sit next to him the whole time…..


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