Another Addition To The Pet Portrait Gallery

This is Disco. A very regal girl.

This is one of the rare times that I do not have a shot of the finished painting. This was about 90% done. There were tweaks made that I failed to take a picture of.

Go to the pet portrait gallery in our main menu if you want to commission a painting.disco

18 Comments on Another Addition To The Pet Portrait Gallery

  1. I really like your paintings. They all seem to accurately capture the animals expressions and postures.
    Very good stuff, Fur.

  2. Fur, if you really wanna shake up peoples’ reactions, try sketching those of us here who you’ve never met. Give us your interpretations of our personalities/characters that you’ve read here. I, myself, would laugh at my gross interpretation. I can’t honestly say that for several others here. But there are many who would laugh at themselves. It’s those people that I enjoy.

  3. Love your work Fur.

    Corona, how about we sketch ourselves and ask the management to post our own impressions? Everybody knows somebody who can attach a digital photo of a drawing to an email.

  4. Glad you said it first.
    That leg should be deleted.
    Sure, it’s part of the ‘original’, but it’s not necessary and it just looks weird.
    Call it ‘artistic license’.


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