Another Biased Liberal Site Attacks Conservative News Sites

Note: Sadly, Tim’s story below is not unusual. The frequency of attacks by liberal sites on conservatives accelerated after the presidential election. Generally they attacks accuse us of having a conservative attitude (guilty), but where they go wrong is the accusation that we push fake news.  As I have said many times they can disagree with the commentary on this site, but they can’t disagree with the facts. Like most of the liberal attacks, the site Tim Brown is defending himself from, makes the mistake of attacking his writing without actually reading it.

By Tim Brown

As the Editor-In-Chief at, it came to my attention through an internet search that our site was coming up on as “fake news.”  I found it interesting that the site promotes itself as an “unbiased” filter and news reporting service.  That is hardly the case, as I’ve stressed over and over, there is not “unbiased” reporting from anyone.  However, the lack of actually doing their due diligence was demonstrated in site owner Dave Van Zandt’s pitiful excuse of a paragraph that tries to sound as though he knows what he was talking about when he linked to several articles and said the sources were bad or we promoted certain things rather than report the news.  Let me demonstrate how wrong he was and then, I’ll show you who he is.

4 Comments on Another Biased Liberal Site Attacks Conservative News Sites

  1. The good news is that nobody has ever heard of MediaBiasFuckMeUpTheAssChuck.

    Stop whining about insignificant websites trying to give you an internet wedgie.

  2. Slightly OT, I have been calling Chelsea “Chulsie”, but after looking at AOSHQ just now, , I’m going to borrow “Chubble” from now on.

  3. Sorry but I think many bloggers take the bait from manufactured websites by Soros incorporated.

    Has anybody else ever heard of


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