Another patriot pet portrait

As usual, I will let the owner come forward if they choose to.

This is Jolene. A great water dog.

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  1. I know why it’s fallen through the cracks, Moe.

    You sent a PHOTO in snail mail.
    And I use the subject line Pet Portrait in gmail to store and sort what needs to go in the portrait gallery.

    Anyone that has had a portrait done knows that it doesn’t go in the gallery right away. Sometimes it’s months, because I won’t put one up if I can’t do one if someone orders one.

    So, if anyone else has had a portrait not appear in the last 3 months.. email me and prod me!

  2. Can’t wait to see Maxie. But, like I said, there is no rush. He’s been gone a while. You are very talented. Love seeing the pet portraits. Spike is next with that ‘who me’ cocked head of his.

  3. Fur Not to worry. You painted a beautiful portrait of my son Robert’s dog KIA. He has it and loves it . KIA is long gone but her
    memory remains with your lovely painting. Thank you

  4. What a sweet face she has. I bet she is a wonderful friend to have. Beautiful painting, BFH, you are so good at what you do! I love her face.

  5. What a beautiful expression on her face. Just makes me want to smoosh it with kisses!

    And the background is wonderful.

  6. Is that ascending or descending order? I ask because one of the dumbest dogs I ever spent much time around was a yellow lab. He was a great dog, did what he was trained to do, good with kids, but like a fence post after that.

  7. joe6pak

    I’m usually a Duck O Holic. Sat the last couple years out due to OBAMANOMICS. So I’ve hunted and a owned a few Labs. I own two now. We have a member of the family that is starting to breed them. (Full Disclaimer, my favorite breed is Chesapeake Bay). Long story short, people have been trying to ruin that breed for a long time. Like Goldens. Or even worse, Irish Setters. They wrecked that breed a ways back. If you are looking to purchase a Lab look for a kennel that specializes in English Labs. It’s not at all surprising that you’ve been exposed to a not so smart lab. But a good Lab is hard to beat.

  8. Very nice BFH! I love the background and the sturdy pose. What a great portrait! I envy your ability to wrangle real paint.

    ( Now, paint a doe in the woods…) 🤣

  9. By the way, Jolene looks like ALL drive and no rest. I bet she is, or could be, a duck retrieving machine. A dog I’d be really happy to meet.

  10. Brad, I forgot all about Irish Setters, those are as dumb as Afghans. Have you ever talked to an owner of an Afghan? If they are not 100% libs they are 99%

  11. FUR, sometimes I get carried away. The most telling part of a Lab is the shape of it’s head. And you nailed it. Perfect.

  12. I want to thank BFH for an amazing portrait. Jolene is a Chocolate Lab, approx. 3 yrs. old. She has been trained and received her AKC “Good Canine Citizenship Certificate”. I’m not a hunter but she loves the water and is a tireless retriever. Thanks for the kind comments.
    My partner and I live in Oakland, CA. so there is water, water everywhere.
    Happy New Year everyone.


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