Antifa Group Calling For A “Deface Columbus” Day

A New York based antifa group, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), has been calling for followers to take action today against the discoverer of the New World. While specifics of what the group has planned are unclear, there is speculation at they are moving beyond throwing paint on statues to outright destruction.


18 Comments on Antifa Group Calling For A “Deface Columbus” Day

  1. Columbus got off his ass, put his life on the line, and actually did something with meaningful.

    antifa can’t stand that sort of achievement.

  2. These are the same fascist PC assholes who fucked up and ruined a long-planned entire-Western-Hemisphere block party back in 1992 when they shit all over the plans for the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of the new world.

    All I can say to these Antifa fascists is try that shit here in Louisiana where we’re fixing to have a 300th Anniversary of Louisiana’s founding. They’ll soon find out that one of the truisms of Southern Life is never ever get in a fight with a skinny redneck. We will go down to New Orleans City, kickin’ they asses til both shoes are shitty.

  3. This group also wants an “Underground Railroad” for criminals to avoid incarceration and for invaders to avoid deportation, and they want to steal land and other resources from the rest of us to do it. Wrote about those commie bastards at DaTechGuy two weeks ago. FrontPage Magazine’s discover the networks has the scoop on these creeps.

  4. “hey you kids !
    too stupid to function in todays society and make you own way ?
    riot and tear it all down today.
    why let mr establishment whitey keep what he earned ?
    sign up today, antifa wants you !”

    I read this on the cia website somewhere.

  5. These are terrorists, plain and simple. They have nothing in common with normal Americans. In fact, they identify more with ISIS. When they step up to destroy the monuments of our country they ought to be immediately dispatched to meet Mohammed in hell.

  6. Oyster Bay, NY, is saying they will take any unwanted statues of Columbus.

    Question: Why is a tiny percent of our population telling the American people what to do with their statues?

    We have wimps in municiple positions.

  7. To be more so civilized, with you just declare them as domestic terrorists and asked gently they be shot on sight.
    it may take a while, but once they know you’re serious they’ll all quit. there just like the terrorists overseas who supported it was fight death. when presented the opportunity they declined and surrendered over thousand of them at once.


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