Are They TRYING To Create White Nationalists?

Confront white womanhood? And do what, start the lynching?

If it was wrong then, it’s worse now.

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  1. I’ve been saying this for a while. White Nationalists is the end result. THEY, who ever they is, has signed all us whites up in the same club. THEY, won’t like the end result.

  2. So The Left is now turning against all White Women, including declaring war on their own WW Leftists?

    Truly, NonWhite Genius is astonishing to behold.

  3. I’m not seeing the flowchart. Are they trying to kill off white men and women now, to make room for who? Bi-sexual blackish men? They already have 0bama.

  4. BB We will be FORCED to play
    on the NWO Chess Game of Life…
    End goal elimination of 80% of humans.

  5. The DNCCCP uses Critical Race Theory to immunize everyone but Whitey to charges of racism, it manifests in the street, in brainwashed, mentally ill white kids as self-loathing Anti-FA, blacks hyper-agitated and killing white cops, attacking whitey in the street, communist coup attempts, communist control of the school system, speech control, bankrupting national debt, and still the title of the post ends in a question? Of course caucasians will band together when your skin color becomes a uniform in war.

    Here’s a solution: Meritocracy. Borders. English. Manners. Reinstatement of 1954 Communist Control Act. Christianity. Bill of Rights. Cutting government by 2/3rds. Defend these in your daily lives unashamedly, boldly, with your life, liberty and treasure. Remove anyone that is a Marxist from any position of power or control, shun them onto barges that circulate between the West Coast and North Korea, returning empty.

    See any skin color in that solution?

  6. The facts are that if you’re white and don’t see how globalists and leftists are pushing for white genocide, then you’re not paying attention. In a culture where a white person is literally accused of being a racist for no other reason than being white (i.e. “white privilege”)… non-whites and brain-damaged white progtards can openly disparage whites, spew the most vicious racism towards them, and even target them for violence, and it’s considered “racist” to challenge them on that in any way.

    These people want all whites dead or enslaved. They don’t even hide that sentiment. If you can’t see it, then you need to pull your fucking head out of your ass.

  7. If it was to come down to a war between blacks and whites, which I do believe is what many race baiters want, what the hell are we going to do with the snowflakes, I’m not defending them?

    What do they expect those who are mixed to do?

  8. Oh good grief.
    I would co-opt the slogan from the boy-king in Paris and seek to
    #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain, but, the greatness thing is a sticking point.

  9. Divide and conquer.

    The division isn’t as important as the conquest. Because everything else can be divided later – which it will.
    There are concrete historical precedents – Soviet Socialism, National Socialism, Chinese Socialism, Italian Socialism, English Socialism, Christian Socialism … hmm …

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. @Ow My Balls December 15, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    > Of course caucasians will band together when your skin color becomes a uniform in war.

    Not even a “war” will re-enamour some with of The Right Side of History’s sloppy seconds.

  11. This must be Part III of the LSM narrative–and this one, they may really be sorry they wished for! Just sayin’……..

  12. Leftists are queer/*funny*: they exclude and penalize – when not demonize – Whites (esp. men) whenever possible…and yet are “shocked! SHOCKED!” when Whites look to another political Party.

    The “It’s okay to be White” thing is a piece of genius.
    It at once exposes the Left’s WHITEphobia/hate, and
    very gently introduces to “normie” Americans to idea:
    “Well, if *they’ve* been doing it all doing and getting away with murder (e.g. job preferences, etc), maybe YOU should, too…before YOU become the minority THEY will have nothing but resentment for.”

  13. Will they just go ahead and touch this off? Heaven’s knows that they’ve laid enough groundwork on dehumanizing whites, Christians, and straights. I’m tired of waiting for the pajama boy death squads to come for me.

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