Asking The President For a Retweet

Update: Well, it’s apparent why the journalist asked for the retweet. He was hoping to embarrass the president because this is not Iran. It’s Bahrain.


I thought the world thought the president was considered a buffoon on the world stage and his tweeting was an embarrassment?

An Iranian journalist begs for the president’s retweet–

9 Comments on Asking The President For a Retweet

  1. Kinda puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it. I mean, while the U.S. Leftist press forms a Pike’s Square to attack and combat POTUS Trump from speaking the truth (and the truth shall set you free), there is a nation of seriously oppressed people looking to him to help them.

  2. TRUMP has to bring attention to oppression by muslims

    Left wing can only condemn Trump for pointing it out.

  3. As President said, he has to use twitter to get his truth out. The left takes pride in twisting everything they can, and making up whatever they can. The entire left are Raving, rabid lunatics.

  4. People are dying in the streets for freedom and all Ali Ahmed wants to do is punk the President. When Ali is ignored by Trump, I bet he gets triggered worse than Eminem.


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