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  1. Macron has been described as centre-right (a little anyway) and if Le Pen hadn’t been in the race the chances are another socialist would have won. The only reason Macron won was because the left directed their robots to vote for Macron and Le Pen still ended up with 35% of the vote which is not insubstantial and Macron knows that and also knows the socialists aren’t actually his supporters. They’ll turn on him anytime the left thinks they’ve got a chance to take over again. That 35% is a damn sight more solid and Macron would do well to work with Le Pen (even on the sly) as regards to policy. It would have been better if Le Pen won however this may not be as bad as it seems.

  2. He wants France to get used to terrorism and he’s taking advice from Obama. I don’t think he’s interested in helping anyone but the left.He will piss them off sometimes, but he’ll just be the patsy they need him to be. He’s going to be a Paul Ryan with 0bama tendencies.
    So nothing changes in France. It can get worse, but it can’t get better.

  3. Self destruction. It’s what’s for dinner in formerly gay paree. When it spirals out of control…. don’t call us.
    Americans spilled blood in WWI and WWII but you never learned. Fuck off France. To hell with Europe.
    You have purposefully abandoned your ties with America.

  4. “This is as depressing as hell.”
    But it was expected. At least in America, we were, eventually, willing to fight PC.
    They aren’t and do not show signs of trying to. And until they are, there’s no hope for them.

  5. @judgeroy.

    It’s hard to wake up when you’re a corpse.

    We keep expecting leftists to “wake up” It’s become abundantly apparent that this will never happen. If 9/11 didn’t wake them there is no chance that the murder by dozens will.

    Let’s face it. They’re willfully blind. Can I say it another way?

  6. Au Revoir France– I lived in Orleans for 3 years a LONG time ago when my Dad was stationed there (yes we had bases there in the 50s and 60s). I hated every minute I was there.

  7. One of my Ex’s travels a lot, she was in Paris during the nightclub massacre.
    She says that they have managed to make the streets of Paris smell just like the streets of Istanbul.
    Which is to say they smell like people crap on the street

  8. don’t laugh United States …. we only dodged the same fate by a few thousand votes in a few states

    this shit’s scary

  9. Guess it’s time start buying stock in any companies that make cheese, white flags, and stupid looking monkey hats. Just like with Russia, Haiti, Algeria, Vietnam, and the Maginot Line, the French have managed to deal with the problem in the precisely wrong way… again. Too bad the US and Britain won’t be able to bail their stupid asses out this time. They may as well start studying Arabic now before it’s too late.

  10. Marine Le Pen is second generation loyal opposition to the French regime. Emmanuel Macron is the “Outer Party” “outsider” who hadn’t done enough work for the French regime to be an “Inner Party” member. Recast it in American terms: If Hillary Clinton were in prison fighting her treason conviction before the general election, and Jeb Bush had been handed the Republican seat, like he was supposed to be, so Hillary and Bernie Sanders urged the American people to save the Republic by voting for Jill Stein, and they did, would America have squandered it’s last hope?

  11. A couple more islamic riots and a thousand murders We’ll be taking French “Socialist” refugees next.
    The left will meet them with open arms, free benefits and voter registration forms.

  12. tonite on the MSM, a reporter called Marseilles a large area of Le Pen support ‘despite’ a large immigrant population. More like ‘because’, not in spite.
    They interviewed a Muslim immigrant that said Muslims didn’t want to integrate, they want to have the area to themselves. And yet the reporter acted as if this was why Macron won.
    If so, France is doomed. Within 5 years.

  13. What MOAON LOBE said is very true. We just dodged the bullet and “they” are doing everything in their power to destroy President Trump. If Le Pen was elected, she would face the same shit President Trump is having to put up with: Left wing media, communists, elitists, academia, talk show yakkers, and wealthy scum. Only the working middle class (the deplorables) voted for Le Pen, the poor and less educated. According to the press.

  14. It didn’t help that every single solitary news report called Marine LePen “far-right LePen”. Even Fox. Every. Single. Time. I was starting to think “Far Right” was her first name.

  15. Muslims will do to all the art in the Louvre what they did to the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. They won’t put the Mona Lisa in a burqa; they’ll burn it!

    Then, they’ll de-face all the statues and stained glass in Chartres Cathedral and turn it into a mosque.

    We (the English-speaking world) saved France’s bacon twice last century (WWI and WWII); I hope we don’t have to do it again in the 21st.

  16. Been feeling sick about this all afternoon. I’m so depressed. But I will be damned if I’ll stand by and let it happen here. More determined than ever to fight PC/left/islam.

  17. I know it seems more popular or logical or whatever to say things like “Well, France is gone” and so on, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. As someone rightly pointed out above, France aided us in our own fight for freedom, and so there always was a little part of me, even in amongst all the mockery, that still has a piece of caring for them, the sort that won’t want to give up so easily. The older generation still remembers what our boys did during WWII, and I have to believe that at least some of those memories have been passed down, that some younger people are aware that we, too, came to their aid, that American blood fed their soil and simply cannot have been for nothing.

    I won’t start saying “Europe is done,” even if it is fated to be. I’ll die praying for their freedom and perseverance, maybe one day fighting for it, I don’t know. I just hope they will do that as well.

  18. This makes me so deeply sorry for the young generation of France. Their foolish older siblings and parents have now signed their death sentence at the hands of barbaric Islamists. God have mercy on them.

  19. France lost more than its identity, it has lost sovereignty. Le Pen really was a type of Joan of Arc. Maybe Fairy Barry and Oedipus Complex Macron and their voter fraud exploits will force the French to fight for their country. If not they’re French toast.

  20. @Lisl: True enough, without the French, we would have never won the Revolutionary War and independence. However, we more than paid back that debt in spades when the little issue with Hitler arose.

  21. Before we get all sentimental about France helping us during the revolution, they were acting in their own self interest. They were at war with England.

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