Julio Iglesias is Alive?

October 7, 2015 BFH 34

The balding crooner, who sings like Jose Jiminez getting a prostate exam, says he won’t sing at Trump casinos anymore. Can Trump bankruptcy be far behind? Why is this moron mad?  He doesn’t like Trump’s stand on “immigration.” I guess Uglyass is in favor of ILLEGALS. [Read More]

Conservatism is the Counter-Culture

October 7, 2015 BFH 12

The pendulum has swung so far left that it is inevitable that conservatism becomes attractive to the youth who need to subvert the establishment. video Also from Paul Joseph Watson- MUST SEE—> Why do feminists look like “Swamp Donkeys.”

Socialist Christians

October 7, 2015 BFH 25

I want to see Bernie For Christians. That’s more important than the reverse. There will always be the oddball group, like, Jews For Hitler. Hitler For Jews would have been a far more important “group,” no? See MORE HERE


October 6, 2015 BFH 25

According to some professor, being a redhead keeps you oppressed. Tell that to Mary Ann. She’s been trying to get out from under Ginger’s privilege since the 1st three hours of the tour. So let’s see: Native English Speaker –  does a Bronx accent count? [Read More]

Upper Management left with nothing but French cuffs

October 6, 2015 BFH 10

Bloombag- Air France executives were forced to flee with their clothes in tatters after workers stormed a meeting at Charles de Gaulle airport in protest at 2,900 planned job cuts. Human resources chief Xavier Broseta and Pierre Plissonnier, head of long-haul flights, scaled an eight-foot fence [Read More]

Programming Note

October 6, 2015 BFH 10

We’ve added links in the right lower sidebar to the stories beyond the first page to make it easier for the reader to get a quick glance at what they might be interested in. I hope you like the addition.

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